Motability search tool is it fit for purpose?

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    MR Mark Winter


    Searching Motability’s to see if VW has added any ID.4s to the scheme. Motability’s advanced search lists just 2 cars, an ID.4 109KW LIFE PURE 52KWH 5DR AUTO at £2,849 and ID.4  125KW LIFE PURE PERFORMANCE 52KWH 5DR AUTO at £5,899.

    Then I search VW for its own Motability Q3 price list. Link to the page look for Motability price guide.

    This PDF lists 6 ID.4s on the scheme from £2,849 to £8,449

    Considering the are now only 1078 vehicles listed, well here’s another 4 Motability could add to its own database.

    But for me the real worrying thing is just how many manufactures have vehicles available to Motability that are simply not listed on Motability’s own website.

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    This is a very good point. We need yo be able to rely on the motability search engine.

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    Glos Guy

    The short answer is that the search tool isn’t fit for purpose for multiple reasons. Cars that are available sometimes don’t show up in results because they are categorised incorrectly. Motability seem to consider cars to be much bigger than the rest of the motor industry or indeed the laws of physics. Many of the compact / small SUV’s are listed as large SUV’s, which is laughable.

    However, the website is usually the more reliable source for checking what is available on the scheme than the manufacturer websites or price lists. The manufacturers tend to only issue a Motability price list at the beginning of each quarter but changes are made almost immediately after they are published and additions or deletions (usually the latter) happen almost daily, as evidenced by the thread on this forum that updates changes each day. It’s quite rare for manufacturers to revise their online price lists mid-quarter, so they are often incorrect within days of being published.

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    @Glos Guy Thank you for an excellent summary as to why the search tool is not fit for purpose. However, it is what it is and I doubt it will change any time soon. One thing they could do is be more accurate on listings.

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    With regard to the VW PDF price list it has been updated mid quarter to take out the models that are no longer on Motability. Although unusual for them to do updates I think they had no choice as many, including myself, would have been going to VW dealers to make orders on cars that are not available to us.

    Motability search engine I find very frustrating as I search for motors that have space for my scooter and the only way to do that is search for motors with plus 7 seats even though the seats 6 and 7 don’t get used. It sort of works but noted that someone said about motors that are 5 seats but have the boot of a 7 seat car but unless someone where to say what motors they are I would disregard them. The VW Touran was such a car that came in 5 or 7 seat configurations but the 5 seat, and assuming cheaper one, was not available on Motability.

    Another thing I would like to see in the search engine is the ability to set and save a preference for instants like automatic gearbox, number of seats, fuel type etc. so I don’t have do all the tick boxes every time I search and as things are at the moment, that’s more or less every hour, or so seems like.😊

    Mind you it gets easier as more and more cars get withdrawn because soon we will be down to searching for two cars, one auto and one manual.😀



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    Glos Guy

    ChrisK – you’re quite right, VW is one of the few manufacturers that does produce the odd ‘mid quarter’ revision to their price list. They did this mid Q4 last year when they added the 2.0TSi Tiguan to the price list although in reality it didn’t join the Motability scheme until we’ll into 2021 (Q2 from memory), which further illustrates how ‘all over the place’ this is! Perhaps others are revising price lists more now, given the plunging numbers of cars on the scheme, I haven’t checked tbh.

    As for your last point, the last remaining car on Motability is sure to be an EV and as they only come in autos I fear that choice may be even less than you suggest 😂

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