Motability provide taxis when cars in for service

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    Just wanted to let people know just incase they didn’t already that when you drop off your car for a service, if the dealership can’t provide you with a courtesy car or pick up / drop off the car from your home, motability can provide you with a taxi for the day

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    I am not sure that is 100% true. There is a limit to the number of journeys and distance etc.

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    I was offered a taxi after the fact, only after making a complaint about the dealer to motability (they didn’t reserve the courtesy car promised). So useful to know!

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    72 Dudes

    I always make it clear when I book the car in for a service that it’s a Motability car and therefore I expect a courtesey car and it has to be an automatic.

    Never had any issues yet, and if I did, my servicing business would be going elsewhere.

    Is it because I drive a premium brand?

    Courtesey cars over the last 4 years have included an Audi A4 35 TFSi, and Audi A5 35 TFSi, a Volvo S90 D4 and a Volvo V60 D3. All very nice and of equivalent value to the car which was going in for service.

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    It’s 100% because you drive a premium brand. Case closed 😀

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    Paul D


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    Fwip, it is true as I’ve used it before, there is a £100 limit, can be extended if you need it more during that day


    72 I usually get them to pick the car up as we’ve got a second car but there wasn’t a soon appointment and the cars horn isn’t working so needed the first available one

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    When I had a company combo van Lex Leasing used to book it in at the local Mercedes dealership, my boss thought it was me taking the pee trying to get a Merc courtesy car lmao.

    Wouldn’t have worked, their courtesy cars were all horrid Pug 106’s that I struggled to drive as the peddles were so close together total nightmare.

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    I had this when car was in for service as it needed a whole week in dealers, car dealer offered a troc, was not suitable due to the fact, with me and wife sitting in it (6ft) we pulled up home and neighbour was chuckling at me. I asked whats funny he said when you pulled up I just saw your arms first through front door then your upper body and head sitting in the back of the car he he he.. yes it was small and we had to get a bigger hire car from motability.

    Having said that though funny enough they offered taxis until hire car came but I told them why you might have safe taxi drivers round the country down here they just dont care none have masks and you dont see them cleaning them, its no wonder southeast was epicentre of the second uk outbreak and will be the centre of any future outbreak… if I facepalmed my self everytime i see people ignoring the guidlines down in southeast I would have no face left

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