Memorable cars you owned and why

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    What cars have youbiwned and have stuck with you and why?

    Was just thinking about digital dashboards and it reminded me of my first car a Renault 11 TXE Electronic from 1985 B reg can almost remember the reg too.

    Had a voice synth too telling you if anything went wrong. Loved that car loads of fun at 17 showing off to your mates pressing the self test button and have the car say all functions working normally.

    Renault 11 digital dashboard

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    I had an A reg MG Maestro with the digital dash and voice synth, the lady sounded lovely. Gearbox from a Golf GTi & twin 40mm Webers. I was a happy young lad, especially when compared to the 1.6 Cortina it replaced. Red carpet & red seatbelts…lol.

    It was very reliable despite my thrashing it about and I sold it some years later for a Cavalier.

    My next British dabble was a Rover 600 Turbo, was a lovely drive, refined and quiet, then took off like a scalded cat when foot was planted.

    Other than that, I suppose the V70 that replaced it – very comfy & memorable because it just did everything so well. It also refused to break down nor get ratty with age. I must have liked it as I kept it over 8 years & only traded it in to save on fuel costs (big mistake – its Vectra diesel replacement was a money pit of despair).

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    Mike 700

    Not necessarily owned by me, but regularly used by me, and very memorable, for very different reasons!

    I learned to drive in my Dad’s Vauxhall Victor estate car , which he used for work, but mainly I learned in his metallic blue Mk11 3.8 Jaguar with real wire wheels, which had a manual gearbox, with overdrive, leather upholstery ( black with white piping) , real walnut trim inc. picnic tables on back of front seats, etc and which went like a bat out of hell, and in which he used to ferry the family around in on the weekend, leaving me to use it the rest of the week!

    He was a butcher, and the Victor had a certain strong odour about it, hence not using it for family occasions, and later he changed it for a Standard Vanguard Luxury Six Estate car, which I used to drive regularly.

    Later, he also changed the cars for a Mk 9 Jaguar in Midnight Blue with grey leather and a sunroof, which I used every day and took on holiday etc, down to Cornwall, Germany, France and Spain and I bought a new Ford Thames (Anglia ) 5 cwt van which he used for work, whilst I used his Mk 9.

    There have been quite a few more ‘memorable’ cars over the years!

    VW Tiguan SEL in Silver White.

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    Fiat cinquecento as my late grandfather gave it to me for passing my test, then a very old rusty Skoda Felicia destined for the scrap (it was my first purchased car)…paid £200 and it only ever needed 1 tyre, most reliable car Iv ever owned!

    Then my Renault scenic followed by my Citroen Picasso which I run into the ground. Then my most adored Audi q3, first shared car with my late partner and perfect for every need followed by our 1 series as it was our first (and sadly last) purchased car as a couple which took us on our last incredible holiday together with our elderly dog.

    The skoda and Picasso were nippy, the Audi was pure comfort and of course the 1 series was the speediest out the lot. So many different memories with each and every one of them cars 🙂

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I think the most reliable fun car I had as a 2003 Ford Mondeo estate, 2.5 V6 Ghia X I paid £500 for it & it went like stink. Used be hilarious to razz off on lights when people would see a huge estate and it would go off like the clappers surprising everyone.</p>
    I put new tyres on it, a set of plugs after I drove 200 miles on 5 cylinders towing a caravan and a new wheel bearing and that was it over 3 years on an old car worth nothing.

    I sold it 3 years later for….. £500

    Interior was mint, everything worked the heated & coolled seats were the bee knees

    The Volvo 850 Cd was my next fav big ol bruiser that just wafted around everywhere if it had been an automatic I would have kept it, sold it to our postman.

    Most flexible our current grand voyager 7 seats that fold flat into the floor when not needed big enough for 7 adults plus two german shepherds plus bit of luggage too.

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    So many, my escort rs turbo MK3 , absolutely loved it , it was written off by someone rear ending me.

    Sierra sapphire cosworth , again loved it so much, written off when lent to a friend.

    Opel manta GTE , literally rotted out from under me.

    I could go on for loads as I used to change cars like my underwear, I was a mechanic by trade and car mad from a toddler. Always had at least three cars on my dad’s drive , mostly being fixed!

    Do you know the one I loved the most and kept for over 7 years, my 2.8 pajero! Oh my I loved that car, that thing could tow a twin axle caravan and it felt like it wasn’t even there, I could change the head gasket on it in four hours I kid not, used to blow a lot then I found a hairline crack in the head, £400 full new head including everything, literally bolt on and go, never a problem again! Would I love another one if they sold the same one same body etc ,but new oh yes , could you imagine if they had the exact same on motability, would be great! They are tanks , I had someone pull out in front of me and left a pajero shape in the side of their car, the pajero had a scuffed bull bar and that was it. I felt so safe in that car, unfortunately would you believe i sold it because I couldn’t afford the fuel. Would have another one but couldn’t afford the running costs etc

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    toyota mr2 mk2 from new duty free as i was serving in germany at the time mica blue went like stink.

    longest i ever kept a car 8 years. it was brilliant couldnt get in one now.

    sold it for more than i paid in the end.

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    Glos Guy

    In the 1980’s, when I was 22, I bought a Vauxhall Astra GTE with a digital dashboard, which back then was very much a car to have, but attracted a bit too much attention from the Police!

    Other memorable cars I have owned were a Rover 827 Vitesse (my first 6 cylinder 24v car), Ford Granada Scorpio (loved that car, so comfortable), Ford Scorpio Cosworth (company car – divided opinions looks wise, but was a beast to drive), BMW 530d (the perfect company car that was sh*t off a shovel but still economical) and a BMW 750i Sport which I had for 18 months and was memorable because I sold it for more than I paid for it!

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    Have had loads of cars but one that stood out was a FIAT Marea Turbo, 2.0 straight 5 20v engine, but the car was so boring and normal looking a true wolf in sheeps clothing.

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    Nissan 200SX 1994-ish without a doubt the best car I’ve ever had. Weighing just a tad over 1 tonne, it produced nearly 200bhp. It was quicker than the boy-racer Cosworth Sierras of the time without the macho looks. Ultimate Q-car – looked like a poor-blokes’ Capri until you hit the throttle. Acceleration would push you back into the seat most emphatically. Being rear-drive, the back end would drift out easily but always under perfect control. Did whatever you wanted in a perfectly balanced and comfortable manner – pootling around the city or driving down to Spain for hols. Its only equivalent today is the smaller Mazda MX5 which I’m sure is great fun but could not match the long-range capability. Why have manufacturers stopped making small-medium, lightweight, affordable and simple sports cars?

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    Dave W

    Austin Montego Vanden Plas. My first car with power steering and leather seats. Add in a 2.0i turbo and although not the coolest car to look at, it was a great car to drive.

    The other end of the scale, when struggling financially, in my time I also owned a green Vauxhall Viva and a brown Austin Maxi!!

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    Glos Guy

    The other end of the scale, when struggling financially, in my time I also owned a green Vauxhall Viva and a brown Austin Maxi!!

    Those were the days Dave W! My first car was a Hillman Avenger 1600DL (cost me £370) which had one problem after another but, as with all first cars, was also memorable. It was a nice petrol blue colour though 😂

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    My memorable cars are all Landrovers but two of them stand out. An ex army series 3 air portable ( Lightweight) which I kept for just over ten years and did a few trips to Morocco, lceland, Poland and places in between and I wish I hadn’t sold and a Landrover which wasn’t road legal a late 86 inch series  one fitted with a rover V8 tuned for racing off road.

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    Dave W

    Wow that brings back memories! My Mum had a sky blue Avenger!!

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    Great posts everybody. Brown Maxi lol so many of them about, they just sound like can’t liners now lol

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    I forgot my escort MK2 pop, that was great for donuts on gravel (I was 18 and silly haha)

    Still love nippy cars , but with my spine the way it is , I can’t really throw the car round to much anymore 🤣🤣🤣

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    Mk1 Ford Cortina – Deluxe (it had a heater). A car I received from my dad when I passed my driving test at 17, he had bought it new before I was born. All those memories of being in the car on holdays growing up.

    I kept the Cortina until I was 23, I drove it to the south of France & over Col de la Bonette, 5000 mile trip over 8 weeks, wore out a track rod end & a voltage regulator, both £12 items.

    Was it any good? by 1960s standards it was a reliable Daghenham Dustbin, it was better than most other cheapish cars of the time as it was very simple. At the end of its tenure someone drove their VW Golf into it whilst parked & the bits of the Golf were all over, the Cortina had a dented rear wing.

    Best things about the Cortina Mk1 – The sprung seats were always comfortable, the interior ventilation was remarkably good, the boot was massive, mechanicals & electrical were basic & easy to repair.

    Compared to modern cars it had dodgy steering, narrow wheels & tyres, no seat belts in the back (my dad had put seatbelts in the front himself), and it had vinyl seats.

    My son told my dad that the 1997 Pug 306 with the turbo diesel engine & 84k miles on the clock that I’d given him was rubbish, my dad told my son that it was an awful lot better than the Cortina Mk1 he’d given me with 120k miles on the clock. Truth is as first cars they were both ideal as it didn’t matter if they got abused.



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