Mazda MX-30 24 Hour Test Drive

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    I actually like the look of the car but the 124 mile range is a killer.

    We do 400 mile trips to Inverness albeit only twice a year but still having to charge 4 times just to get there puts me off.

    It’s very much a commuter car for me.



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    well i clicked the link booked it in for sunday next week gets a call with in 5 mins saying they cant do a 24 test drive but told me they had space for today at 2.30 so went down to garage 15 mins drive to find they dont even have a car onsite so not very happy about that the guy at garage was full of sorry for this he even checked the booking and yep it was there for 2.30 today but i did get to see the car it look better in the flesh than on videos.

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    Range extender version next year will make this car something special. At the moment a a realistic 100 miles just isn’t enough.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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