marvellous was it worth it

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    for the first time since leaving school in 1976 it looks like i will be unemployed shortly.

    so all that tax and nat ins paid in, how much am i going to get if the axe falls ?

    absolutely zero, zip nada not a penny.

    why ? because i get an army pension, a war pension and a small £200/month pension from my late wifes work. and because i live alone no housing benefit as apparently i ought to be living in a single room in shared accomodation not a 1 bed park home.

    you couldnt make it up, and yet there are families getting thousands who have never worked a day in their lives.

    not a happy bunny.


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    It’s always a catch 22 situation.

    I remember back in the 70’s and 80’s when my family were just starting school how I used to joke being on union rates about taking a pay cut to the boss because I never ever qualified for free school meals for my 3 kid’s because I earned a pound or two too much literally and the free school meals were worth a lot more than two or three pounds even then.

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    yet another kick in the goolies, the support for the self employed doesnt apply if you have a second source of income higher than the profit from your self employment. guess what my pensions are £100 more per year than i make from self employment. you couldnt make it up.


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    Mitch your park home looks in a lovely location in the countryside is it nice and quiet ?

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    its v quiet, out the back is fields all the way to the chesterfield canal and to one side is the river.

    then its a short road off site to the road to staveley.

    we get quite a few dog walkers cutting through from the nearby housing est to the fields at the back.

    but thats all.

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    Is it over 55s Mitch my bungalow is up for sale when sold I’m hoping to move to a retirement bungalow 5 miles away a lovely development they go for around £150.000 2 bedrooms semi then it’s £150 maintenance a month for wardenboiler gardens etc

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    this site is over 50. i bedroom big bathroom, small kitchen and lounge. dont need bigger struggle to keep this clean as it is at the moment.

    my mum had warden asisted bungalow she owned 50% and then paid a small rent plus maintainance which included an on call warden. each bungalow was fitted with a call system with red cords with a grab in each room that you just pulled and then you could talk to the warden from anywhere in the house.

    it was a lifesaver on a few occasions.


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    Yes Mitch has pull cord in every room lovely gardens etc

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