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    A question for the guys who live in or folk’s who travel into London, it’s about the congestion charge and motability vehicle’s.

    I’ve got one or two trips into London coming up (got to admit I’m not looking forward to it)I think I’m right in saying disabled drivers /vehicles are except from the congestion charge but do you have to inform anyone before the trip or just drive in and do it later or does it do it automatically via number plate.

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    It’s automatically done via the plate, just know tho if you’re ever given a hire car sometimes europcar the company that works with mota tell you you can go into congestion zones but you can’t, I went into one with a hire car via mota/europcar and got a ticket, in the end it got removed with proof of badge tho

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    Motability vehicles are not subject to the Congestion Charge and it’s done automatically on the number plate.

    Do be careful though, I had a car as a lone car whilst my Motability car was having some work done and went to London and totally forgot I wasn’t in an exempt vehicle, so ended up getting a fine!

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    Cheers guys

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    Automatic number plate so ok but if you are not up to driving and want a friends or partners car to bring you and know you will be coming into London a few times using a different car then you can register with tfl and pay I think it is £ 15 and show proof of blue badge   Then you can register two different cars that are exempt. You can also change it online if suddenly using a different car.

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    It’s done by vehicle tax bands, cars that are tax exempt from registering it as a disabled vehicle are automatically accepted, no need to register, doesn’t have to be a motability vehicle as long as the tax has been changed on the car as a disabled vehicle which I belive you can do from the middle rate of motability component of dla/pip.

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    Motability website

    Do I have to pay the congestion charge?
    If you are a customer and have a disabled class tax on the car, you do not have to pay the Congestion Charge. If you are given a courtesy car or a hire car you will be responsible for registering that vehicle as exempt or for paying any congestion charges during the period you are in that car. You will be responsible for any fines or charges incurred.

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