Lock down Again In Scotland

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    So from tomorrow ( Friday ) yet another lock down here in Scotland. ,

    I think we’re going to murder each other in our house stuck in again .

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    Locking down now to release us in time for mass Christmas socialising in pubs and restaurants, and around the Christmas Tree.  Crackers.

    It will be interesting to see the Infection and Death rates at the end of January.

    Why can’t people accept that this Christmas is not a “write off” bit it is going to be limited, but next Christmas can be as stupendously huge as anyone could wish for because (supposedly) everyone will have been appropriately vaccinated.


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    It strange maybe cause I’m old at 54 but they the government and the general public  make a big about not being able to go to pubs restaurant gym etc , is it just because we’re being told no you can’t go that why we want go , or is we just want to drink in pubs. As for the government is they are losing out on money from businesses so they just want people back out spending money , money they don’t have because they’ve lost their jobs because COVID .

    I think I’m being a bit cynical sorry

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    I’ve just realised I’ve been living in lockdown for the last couple of decades as my life has changed very little in lockdown.

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    Brydo you were just trying to be prepared

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    Haha I like it martinod.

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