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    Just wondering if anyone has any advice, I have been down to my local dealer for motability but when they enter my driving licence number it wont let them put the application through as it is saying i have a provisional licence even though I passed my test on 14th october, I have contacted DVLA and they have said I have a full licence and all the systems should be update I have received my photocard licence aswell but the dealer keeps saying there is nothing they can do until it updates on the system. Really frustrating as the car I want is in stock and I have already paid the advanced payment.

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    Which Mobility Car


    Have you spoken to Motability? 0300 456 4566

    They should be able to add substantial weight to your plight.

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    Contacted motability they said it can take up to 7 days to show up but said we could add someone else that has a full licence to get the application going so they can do their checks, then get me added on after the application goes through and before I collect the car

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    Hi, Why has the dealer taken your A P at this stage, Secondly the dealer knowing the system is not showing a full driving licience should not have gone ahead with the order.

    Contact DVLA and inform them of your status and request them to expidite your drivers status to Motability, Best Wishes, Michael

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    Thanks for the replies, Had a email this afternoon from motability saying my application has been submitted so just waiting on them to do checks,

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