Kia Niro hybrid anyone got one ?

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    Menorca Mike

    Nil advance payment nice dual clutch auto not cvt good basic spec very economical hybrid looks nice in red 

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    Lead time is now down to 26 weeks, worth it if you dont mind waiting.


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    Menorca Mike

    26 weeks so if want one when do I order to pick up next March ?

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    Menorca Mike

    How do you know had you been to a Kia dealer ? I want hybrid not electric only one

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    A few of the car  the car reviewers say the same, AutoExpress, Whichcar or just google it,

    But if you are unsure give the Kia motability salesman a call, he will be able to tell you availability.  Its the Hybrids that are flying off the shelves….

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    Menorca Mike

    I wonder how long I have to wait for a Toyota Chr design hybrid 1.8 ? It’s £995 at the moment was waiting til October 1st next price update to order for March ? Or should I order now ?

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    Menorca Mike

    Just googled 3 to 4 month wait

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    How do you think you can order any Motability car now, or in October when you say in another post that you are not due to change ’til March.

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    Menorca Mike

    Small car to allow waiting times it looks like 6 months on some cars

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    Menorca Mike

    Small car please keep up I said in 3 posts I’m not due to change till March 😀

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    Waiting times are irrelevant unless you can come to some private agreement with the dealer and probably a non returnable deposit and then you will have no idea what the AP will be at Motability’s allowed ordering time.

    A non-starter – you will have to wait until your ordering time in December before finally considering which car to chose at an AP you can afford, with an acceptable delivery date for you.


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    Menorca Mike

    Totally wrong small car I was ordering a seat Leon 3 years ago but didn’t order as hard ride after a test drive I went in August as long waiting list seat dealer told me to come back October if I wanted one ! I could get a Kia picanto I bet in a week so would order December but I do over your very low mileage a year so want good mpg

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    Menorca Mike

    Yes private agreement with dealer if comes down in October when you said price update is I pay the lower price

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    Menorca Mike

    I’m not going to argue as been lovely sunny warm day and my team Leicester city are live on pick channel at 7pm good evening to you

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    You cannot order a Motability car within the scheme rules until invited, THREE MONTHS before your lease is up. As I said,and you have now confirmed, your lease ends sometime in March, therefore you can order through Motability with a fixed AP on a specified date in December.

    Anything else you arrange is outside the scheme and at your own risk. As we all know any car can be removed from the scheme at any time before your permitted ordering date.

    By all means enjoy investigating car options now, but rules is rules!!

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    Menorca Mike

    Ok have a good evening

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    Smallcar, you can order in advance although I don’t know how it works months in advance when APs change. You’re actually ordering with the dealer and when your official order date comes around then you do all the paperwork and enter your pin etc and it gets put through to Motability. It’s just with any luck your car is already being built. Order date for us is towards end of next month but our order has already been placed with the dealership. We’ve never done this before but the dealership suggested it and I asked Motability who agreed it was fine to do.

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    Hi Susan

    Yes I understand that you could make any arrangement with a dealer to reserve you a car for a later date and of course the arrangement may involve a non returnable deposit.

    However, as you say, Motability will only get involved contracturally with you when your permitted order date comes around. Obviously you will need to pay the AP that is applicable at that time and if you have an agreement with a dealer too far in advance you take the risk that you may not be able to lease the car because it is off the Motability scheme.

    Apart from finding a dealer willing to agree to this type of order there must be  risk to this otherwise everybody on the scheme will be ordering in advance to avoid the build lead in.


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