Just to ask how you are.

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    My wife has been poorly recently and I’ve been touched by the number of well wishers on the forum.

    Most on the forum have disabilities resulting in operations, sickness hospital visits so it helps when members enquire as to your health.

    I remember last year Phil went through an operation and we had a bit of banter about it but although we don’t know each other personally there was definite concern from members about his health.

    So just like to say a big THANK YOU to all who gave their best wishes.

    Maybe if you want to ask how a member is you can use this thread to ask.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    Brydo, we can’t have you avoiding your responsibilities here converting everyone to EVs.


    Stay safe, stay well.

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    Thanks Julie but I think the ev crusade is safe in your capable hands ūüĎć

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    We are a special club on this forum. We are here because we either have considerable disabilities or we care for loved ones or friends that do. It gives me confidence in the basic goodness of human nature when I read some of these comments.

    We are only human and will fall out from time to time, but the overarching concern for each other and the genuine care that I see on a daily basis gives me a real lift.

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    Hi  POPS   i  have   moderate  to  severe  lung   disease  ,   Heart  problem,s   Type  2   diabetes    and  osteo  arthritis .  I  thank  you  for information  posted  about stage   1-4   .Have  been  looking at things  to try  and  break  the  monotony  .  Buying  some  thermos   flasks   and  head  out  in car   find  a quite  lay -by and  have a picnic  .  4  months  is a long time to be  in  isolation.  Maybe  you  could start  a thread  about  tips to get  through  this .    Hope evrybody  on Forum  gets through   this.  Love  yous  all.

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    Good idea jamesg, could we call it “social isolation & avoiding the cough & croak”?


    For me my breathing problems are seasonal, currently swearing at trees as the tree pollen count is high already & I’m struggling, wheeze wheeze sneeze!


    I’m also way too fat & unfit after 20 years of ye olde dislocated spine, so I’d need to recommend the exercise of headbanging to Status Quo or perhaps Judas Priest, or if you can disco in an electric wheelchair how about Stayin Alive by the Bee Gees? gawd, that hurts.


    I’m not much of a social person so don’t mind not seeing anyone for a few weeks at least, but I could start to get cabin crazy if I can’t get out in the car or strap myself to the motorbike & cause trouble (DCT on a motorbike, fabulous invention, no need to use left hand or foot anymore, balance is optional as long as you don’t hit the deck).



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    The wife has had a few units of blood put in, or as I call it her yearly top up lol, and is feeling better for it. A few hospital appointments in the coming weeks, coronavirus permitting, god bless the NHS.

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    You may or may not have noticed my absence of late on these forums. I have not fallen out of love with you all, just been really unwell.

    I have multiple medical issues that include Congestive hear failure after triple by pass and a mechanical Aortic heart valve. Recently given a diagnosis for COPD.  Osteoarthritis  of the knees and CKD chronic kidney failure stage 4b 19% kidney function left.

    Since November 2019 My CKD has been getting worse. I have become very anaemic. Was on Iron tabs but nephrologist stopped them in November 2019. In there place I was to have an Iron transfusion. For some reason this did not happen. My anaemia was getting worse, causing me extreme tiredness and shortness of breath.

    As I have mentioned that I have a mechanical aortic heart valve, this means that I have to take blood thinning medication for life. That medication is Warfarin. I have to have weekly blood test to make sure that mu INR is with in a certain range. Usually 3.0 to 3.5.  I succumbed to a UTI that required treating with antibiotics, The first lot did not work. So was given a different type specific to my infection.

    Now I did not know that having these antibiotics could have an effect on my INR  range. So the range moved to 5.9 from target of 3.0 this meant my blood had become so thin it was causing haemorrhaging.

    I was bleeding controllably from gums. Had to call 999 and rushed into to A&E. I lost quite a lot of blood. 2 to 3 units before they managed to stop the bleeding. This was done by packing my mouth with gauss and having a vitamin K transfusion. Vitamin K is the antidote for warfarin.

    So with my already very low red blood cell count, this just topped things off. I was admitted a week later for red blood cell transfusions 2 units I think. Still no Iron infusion at that time. A week later, Last Friday Renal unit called me in for the long over due Iron transfusion. Yay! NO wait. after waiting they decided to cancel the infusion. When asked why they said no recent blood test since transfusion. I was just lost for words and the will to live at that point. They could see how exhausted I was and clearly see me struggling with my  breathing.

    The impact of everything has just made me feel like giving up.

    Back next Thursday to see the consultant nephrologist. There will be fur and feathers flying if they don’t sort this out.

    So forgive my absence dear friends, I am just really not will it of late.


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    Mike 700

    Don’t give up old son – take good care of yourself.

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    Joss, you’re a special person the way you have fought these problems and still have time to help so many of us on this forum. My thoughts are with as you go into battle with the NHS to get the treatment you deserve.

    I wish you the very best of luck my friend.

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    So sorry to hear this.

    I really hope you start to feel better very soon.

    Don’t give up, hopefully each day will show a slight improvement.

    Sending you all the best

    Debs x

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    Joss my friend, I had wondered why you hadn’t posted.

    I am really sorry to hear you have been poorly and hope you feel better soon.

    The forum is a poorer place without you on it.

    Get well soon.


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    Chin up buddy (it helps with the breathing lol) all humour aside stay strong, you have a gift of being able to give other advice and make them feel at ease, read your post as if it was someonelse that wrote it and take that advice that comes into your head. I’m sure it would include keeping yourself upbeet where possible, as a Forum we have great caring cumunity and the Off Topic section is here for a reason. No one should feel alone or feel there is nowhere to turn, you and everyone has many ears to listen and offer support and guidance should it be needed, we are all here to help and hope you perk up soon. It’s easier to get through things when we are perky.

    A safe virtual hug is yours for the taking.

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