If only we could see vehicles in stock

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    How I wish this could be a thing, I’m having a not so good time looking and calling around for potential stock cars. The nightmare of waiting 4 months plus looms and finding a suitable 7 seater quicker than that is seeming impossible.

    If only motability could show the in stock vehicles for every car. Perhaps working with their partnered dealerships where they can also see the database of stock vehicles.   I understand it would be a lot of work their end but an automated system which removes the vehicles once they have been reserved or something. Would definitely make it very easy for many people. I know this is just something out of nothing, but really wish it could be a thing.

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    I agree, some manufactures like Volvo have a good stock checker, wish more people followed their system

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    I would’ve had a stock car instead of waiting months, then delay for longer, we are living and just gone through very strange times though.

    Its the first time for me on motability and the whole process, so went in a bit green, didn’t know anything of stock cars and dealer didn’t even mention it, won’t be falling for that again..

    For me the waiting for the delivery date was made worse by having no transport due to a DPD driver smashing into my stationery parked car (non motability) luckily we weren’t in it, it was parked on a road..

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