How much do you pay for a car wash?

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    We have Polish guys nearby who run a hand car wash, for £8 they wash, polish, dry and paint your tyres black. I hate washing our car so its money well spent as far as I’m concerned.

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    Car Wash?  what are these strange things? 🙂

    Only time mine gets a wash is a: if it rains and b: when it goes in for servicing 😀

    There's room for all God's creatures, right next to the mash and gravy 🙂

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    @Brydo  all hand washes are closed due to covid tier 4

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    Which Mobility Car

    @Brydo all hand washes are closed due to covid tier 4

    Well – they are supposed to be, not much enforcement round this way!

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    strangely enough our vehicle goes in for its Mot and Service next week, i asked if any thing i need to know/Do because of covid, and they pointed out they dont wash the vehicle at present,

    our hand wash is closed.

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    I haven’t washed it since pick up, 23/12 so I haven’t checked if their open but surely its safe to get your car washed, open the window a few inches to pass the money out, almost risk free.


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    lol and how do the 10 people washing the car remain Safe Brydo, its Not All About You lol

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    There’s a mobile car wash near me I use. Its 1 guy with power washer and he does a good job. I pay him £10 although he only asks for £6. He does me a good job and i struggle to reach over roof of my XC40 to clean it. He only has this as a source if income so supporting him a no-brainer for me.

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    JS up here they are all related and they stay in the same house.

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    bobscot for a tenner I’ll come and wash yours lol.

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    I bought a cordless pressure washer that sucks the water up from a bucket and then sprays, its not as powerful as a karcher etc but its good enough for the car and i use the autoglym snow stuff.



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    Which Mobility Car

    I bought a cordless pressure washer that sucks the water up from a bucket

    I have been waiting for these to come down in price (I really want one) as already have a plugged in washer.  I can’t get one of these signed off by the Boss.

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    i can thoroughly reccomend them there are a couple of cheaper options non worx around now. i have just ordered a second battery as a standby. i cant stand for long so i take my campimg chair and i can do the wheels and the sides of the car sat down. the autoglym snow stuff is great because unless theres really stuck on crap you dont need to sponge the car. the first snow you spray on leave for 10 minutes wash off then spray the shampoo snow leave for 10 and wash off then theres a spray on polishsealant if you want.

    really handy now as the road where i park is 15m from house and no driveway etc.


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    my car wash is free they even hoover it out

    ok it only get done when it goes in to volvo garage

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    Id never use a carwash unless you like light scratches, swirl marks and corrosive products on your car.

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    I also have trouble reaching centre roof etc. At least I did with the Superbs and the (awful) Antara. Now with Mini it is dead easy. Still have to be dead careful though – getting lower back at wrong angle can flip another disc and leave me completely immobile.

    Would normally use car wash at local Tesco but you have to leave it with them to do it. No sitting inside and waiting. So potential disease vector can smear stuff all over inside of cockpit. Thank you, no!

    For heavy mud and wheels, I use a mains pressure washer. Otherwise I use stuff called “Eco-Smart RU” from company called Chemical Guys. It has been around for some 30 years or more and is a waterless wash and wax. Works brilliantly on everyday surface dirt. No need to wash. You spray it on then wipe down to remove surface dirt. Finish by buffing up with cleaner cloth. Works very well and is dead easy to use. Can clean the Mini in less than half an hour.

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    Tharg with your condition I would be leaving car washing to others.

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    Mike 700

    The local Co-op filling station is selling car washes at half price at the moment, so a wash polish and dry is £3 to £5, others are charging £3 to £6 without a dry.

    I usually run mine through a soft brush wash only every month for £3 ish, and every 4-6 months I take it to some Croatian guys who give it a real good hand wash and hand dry it, vacuum all of the inside, and shine the dash , doors etc – ‘ in and out’ for £13, but that’s for a SUV , other vehicles cost less, from £8 for the same service?

    When the cars are new, I use the brushless car wash at Magor services on the M4 just over the Prince of Wales ( Severn) Bridge, for about £9-10, not cheap, but no marks on the new paintwork either.

    VW Tiguan SEL in Silver White.

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    Well, Brydo, I normally do let others do the cleaning. Rather impossible in Lockdownland. Besides, I’ve decades of practice at doing stuff in a manner which will leave my discs where they are.

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    Tharg how’s the wife?

    Please tell her I was asking after her.

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    Getting better thank you, Brydo. Will pass on your best wishes. I am constantly restraining her from doing too much exercise and I’m trying to devise fibre-free recipes which I can make tasty enough for her to like. Weight gain very, very slow. But we’re doing the best we can. Praying that if it happens again then she’ll have gained enough weight to survive. (And that the demand on NHS and ambulance service are closer to normal).

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    It must be a worrying time for both of you tharg but the main thing is you are together and in your own house. I think everything seems better in your own house.

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    Back in November I went to a local hand car wash and I had a full valet for £15. I had it done because I was putting my existing car in part ex. They did a great job and the only part I didn’t enjoy was when when they all crowded around me fascinated by the moths escaping as I opened my wallet! lol!!!

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    Brydo, thanks for that. (Sorry, missed your post when first went up). Too right about being at home. Trying our best to keep it that way!

    However, back on topic… the crew at Tesco charged about £10 for a simple exterior wash when I took the Superb. Mini would be £8 because it is not aircraft-carrier size.

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