how much crap is hidden in your home

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    wednesday i got the keys to my new to me bungalow, i am currently boxing up stuff to move and hopefully back allowing a lot of the smaller stuff i am moving myself, very slowly.

    quite impressed with the countrymans load capacity with the seats down.

    ive moved my wheelbarrow to the new place as its quite a way back from the road and you cant  get closer than 40 feet and i cant carry owt that far so a new use for a wheelbarrow lol.

    but in 3 days i have filled my general waste wheely bin with crap and the recycling bin was overflowing prior to being emptied yesterday and its already half full. its been eye opening to see what has been found lurking in a cupboard or corner where does it come from lol.

    i dont remember getting half of it.

    oh joy 10 days more of this lol.

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    I know the feeling!  My Autistic son and I moved from a 3 bed semi to a 2 bed bungalow almost 8yrs ago.

    As you said the amount of crap you find is impressive!, just to make it easy we moved over the Xmas and New Year period so nobody was available to help apart from friend with a small pickup truck!

    Best of luck 🙂

    There's room for all God's creatures, right next to the mash and gravy 🙂

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    Too much lol. I’ve just fitted a new kitchen and I’ve managed to reduce our cabinets by three just by throwing stuff out.

    My wife can’t/won’t throw anything out, she has stuff thirty years old in her wardrobe, that never get worn, but as she says “too good to throw out”.

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    oh dont get me started brydo, my wife passed away in 2003 only 44. i still remember vividly the nightmare of sorting through all her “stuff” clothes still with labels on.

    a horrible experience at the time a little amusing now with the benefit of time.

    why three hair dyers still bugs me lol.

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    Mitch so sad for your wife to die so young, tragic.


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    well now i know i am falling apart, in the past by now i would be practically moved.

    i have just about managed to pack 6 boxes load them in the car(not very big boxes) transport to new home and unload new home is only 12 minutes away. that has taken all day and i am in bits. now going to attempt to get in bath for a soak which will be a major undertaking in itself.

    yesterday was needed for recovery as friday i did what i did today, i have a feeling i may need 2 days recovery this time. lol.

    shoot me someone.

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