How many of us are picking up a car this month

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    I’m picking up my Volvo XC40 B4 RD Pro on Monday 7th Dec, ordered 9th August

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    Hoping to collect Ford Kuga as ETA at dealer week ending 26th December.


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    I am not strong enough to pick up a car, a bit to heavy for me.

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    Menorca Mike


    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    Xc40 on the 23rd

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    xc40 7th mon Dec month + late though

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    Same car as Azzy, same date. Ordered late Sept. Fingers crossed for a smooth Covid mini handover!

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    picked mine up today

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    A220d this weekend.

    Can’t wait!!

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    Hoping to pick up my Seat Tarraco. Dealership hasn’t been very forthcoming with information though!

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    Should be collecting our XC40 B4 Inscription pro  around the 17th of this month, Glacier silver with red leather.

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    320i on the 13th of this month.

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    Clipped wings

    Tiguan Allspace SEL on 29th. Ordered early July. Realistically, early Jan. looking forward to a heated steering wheel!

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    Ford galaxy around the 12 to 15

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    Guys it would be great to see a photo once you collect. I will post ours on the 23rd, all going well.


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    Picked my x1 up on the 30th November still in lockdown but was simple enough and the dealer was great. Only thing was I couldn’t use cash to pay the AP and obviously they couldn’t really show us through the features of the car .

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    Picked up the XC40 at 12pm, quick handover, no fuss. I was there for about 20mins.

    Negatives- no petrol at all in the tank, he say motability don’t provide delivery vehicles with fuel, all of my other collections I’ve had over half a tank. I just said yeah whatever.

    – Car looks like it’s been washed with a Brillo pad, makes it worse the cars black, I’ll sort this out myself with polish.

    Anyone waiting for the B4 engine you will be impressed, it’s quiet n does shift if need be.

    it’s still early days but so far so good, it seems comfy, nice seated seats, need to get use to The parking sensors as they seem slow to react, I was mullering over getting the reverse camera ( I should have got it) but I’m good at parking and with time will be a breeze.

    will try upload pics when I can, I was knackered before I even collected the car, I had to drag myself to go get it.

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    I ordered my new vehicle in early August and all I can get from my dealership or Vauxhall is that there is “no projected date”‘. Not finding either of them really helpful at all.


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    If your dealer can’t give you an approximate date it’s more than likely they haven’t even ordered it yet.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I ordered a car in july for december delivery, only to have an email yesterday stating the sakes man who ordered the car has been sacked and he hadn’t put the order through correctly!!  And I would have to wait at least another 2 months…..   I’m so annoyed!!</p>

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    Thanks for the reply Zoe. I’m pretty sure my dealership have ordered the car as whenever I’ve contacted Motability, they were aware of the new car. Unless of course the car has not been ordered through Vauxhall.

    I’m not really sure how these things work, whether the dealerships place the orders with the manufacturers or Motability do.

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    Finally picked up my BMW 320i Sport today from Marshalls in Grimsby. The handover was really easy and not rushed at all. Was given time to check the car over first before paying the balance and putting in the pin number. Couldn’t fault them at all.

    Really happy with the car and it has lots of features that I thought were only on the MSport model like reversing assist and parking assist. The engine is very smooth and quiet and the ride quality really good despite it being on 19″ rims and low profile run flats.

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    Lovely car Elliott. What colour is it?

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    Clipped wings

    Chameleon Green?

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    It’s mineral grey metallic.

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