How many Kona EV owners are on here now…

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    and how are you enjoying them?

    I’m just coming up to 7k miles now and love it.  Recharged the car last night to 100% for the first time in a month, best range yet, 341 showing on the GOM!

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    We’re awaiting delivery, late July. Haven’t been this excited about a new car for ages

    We were initially looking at an XC40, then a top of the range Corolla touring sport

    Our current car is a Kuga 180ps 4wd. Now, we do stooooopid miles, the Kuga might just tip over to 100,000 miles before changeover.

    We wanted a diesel (for the economy on long journeys) but don’t like many on the scheme atm.

    The Volvo PHEV is an amazing car, easily my fave, but we were worried about economy on long journeys.

    The Corolla was great, and we were about to place an order when “circumstances” dictated we pull our belts in sharply and suddenly, so we decided to test the e-Kona on a whim because of the AP. We hadn’t considered an EV before because of the range – we can easily do well over 1,000 miles some weeks and while that was 2 fill ups, 5 mins a piece in the Kuga, it might have meant 4-6 fill ups, at 45-60 minutes a piece, in an EV. Not how I want to spend a weekend.

    But, needs must, we tried the Kona, and ******* loved it! 5 mins into the drive I was smiling. A couple of sprints in sport mode and we were giggling like silly teens. A cruise along the motorway, dual carriageway and around town, encountering some heavy traffic along the way and we were utterly sold. And despite covering about 40 miles and not driving it like an EV is supposed to be driven, arrived back at the dealer with about 280 miles of range left – the Konas range meter is supposed to be one of, if not the most, accurate out there.

    We practically frogmarched the salesman to a desk and demanded he sign us up there and then.

    I’ve been out in a number of other EVs since then, and as much as I love to hear the roar of a sporty engine, and being limited to owning / keeping just one car, I don’t want to touch an ICE car again.

    Conservatively, we stand to save around £350-400 / month in fuel costs even after accounting for the increase in utility bills. The inconvenience of having to use public charge points just pales in to insignificance compared to that. Think of that…. £13,000 saved in fuel over 3 years.

    Just counting the days. 4 weeks, 6 days, 20 hours to go….

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    Sounds like us Adrian, we are currently doing big miles in an S-Max, we tried the Kona, but boot too small for the dog. Tried the Kia Soul, despite a smaller boot on paper, dog fits no problem, test drive is on…

    Test drive a hoot, around 100 miles done. Easy decision given the relatively low AP (not the bargain of the Kona, but not the £5000 I would need to get another S-Max at the same spec as my current one, nor the £3500 of the Rav4 I also tried).

    Like you, I did not relish time spent at rapids, but the savings, for now, are very compelling, a conservative £10,000 for us, probably a good bit more.

    Just need BP Pulse to install the charger…not holding breath.

    Roll on end July!

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    @abercol – yep, some horror stories abound about the service from BP. Luckily (or unluckily, depending on your POV) we live about 2 mins away from an IKEA whose chargers are barely used, and which is near a nature reserve. Worst case I can drive there, pop it on charge, enjoy the nature reserve, and assuming some toerag hasn’t unplugged the charger, drive home with a decent charge, at least until BP get the wall charger installed

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    Hi @Intranicity.  Finally I have joined the Kona EV Club.

    I picked the car up on Monday which is the Ultimate Version and the colour is Pulse Red.  The handover went smoothly, the Minstergate dealership were superb.  The drive home was great, the car is easy to drive and is comfortable in the drivers and passenger front seats.

    I have had a BP Pulse Charger fitted which went smoothly, I was not expecting it after reading all the horror stories on the Forum. I must be one of the lucky ones. The electrician who did the installation was great and took two and a half hours.  I joined Octopus Energy on their Go tariff which lets me charge after 12:30 am at the cheap rate.

    I must say it does bring a smile to your face like everybody has previously mentioned on the Forum. I now look forward to many enjoyable years of cheap motoring.

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    We too have ordered the Kona Ultimate. We are changing early because of numbers of problems with our current vehicle. Living on an island our fuel is even more expensive than on the mainland. We have been looking at EV’s for some time and we actually had a short list but aside from all the other reasons getting a cable tidy under the boot, both cables and a boot which means not so much lifting were influences. As an example it is possible on the Zoe to get this but they would all be extra cost accessories, even on the top spec trim. I also found the Kona extremely comfortable. Looking forward to picking it up!

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    Signed up for the Kona Ultimate last month delivery due end of July cant wait, but will be sorry to say goodbye to me third Leaf which has served me well. BP Pulse a nightmare, had email confirmation that charger was being installed yesterday but no one turned up. Rang they said they now wanted to install a insolator first so have to wait up to ten days for call to make an appointment and then installation then the same process for the charger. No apology just thats life, very disappointed……

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    I picked up a ultimate 1 month ago and love it so far. Great range and so so easy to drive in all situations. Def won’t go back to ice and the next few years should be amazing for EV’s in general. Never had a car get so many 2nd glances.


    one slight problem, as the weather has been so good and I haven’t had to use the heater until yesterday, I have noticed it doesn’t blow out hot air no matter how many settings I try, unless I’m doing something wrong.
    heated seats and steering wheel work but the warm air is tepid, definitely not warm. Plenty of charge left, tried all modes, inc sport, pressed the heat button on the dash etc etc

    anyone similar experiences?

    going to call local dealer on Monday if I can’t work this out. I have read on a few other forums of similar happening.

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