Heating Do you have it on more now

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    I find it so cold I seem to have the heating on all the time over the last few months  I put it off then I need to put it back on , think it’s  going to have to be on 24 hours a day soon ,

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    Yes, heating is on, plus I have the backup Dyson hot/cold thing set to come on if the temperature in my bedroom were to suddenly drop in the night. To not have this system invites spasticity in the partially paralysed leg & foot.


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    What is the dyson thing

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    Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link, a hideously expensive fan heater that can be controlled from anywhere.

    It also monitors air quality, temperature, humidity, etc.


    I also have normal fan heaters that come on when the temperature is low & the electricity is cheaper per kWh than the gas, & they’re controlled via Kasa, as is my main dehumidifier which is turned off when electricity is above a certain price. The heaters get swapped out for the aircon in summer.

    I kinda like gadgets.


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    Mine is on continuously all year round, set at 20.5c

    I’m pretty much housebound and my Autistic adult son never goes out on his own.  So apart from the odd trip out we’re indoors 24/7.

    Electricity usage is fairly constant throughout the year, gas varies from 1KwH per week up to 10-13KwH in the winter when the heating is on a lot more.

    I pay £76 per month and am usually still in credit by the end of the year.

    There's room for all God's creatures, right next to the mash and gravy 🙂

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    Phaedra I recently replaced my entire central heating system including boiler and thermostatic controls. With my old system I could set it at 21degrees and the temp was fine, now I need to set it to 23degrees to get the same feeling of comfort.

    Haven’t had a bill yet so don’t know if its affecting the cost of heating or just a different thermo manufacturer.

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    Brydo, is your thermostat in the same place? Mine is in my kitchen fairly close to the boiler where I left it because it wasn’t reliably transmitting information. It’s set around 23C at various times of the day because 23C is the temperature in that part of the kitchen, the strip thermometers on the walls around the other rooms all say it’s less than 23C (20-22C).

    You could always check the temperature at the thermostat with a decent thermometer if you have one handy.


    Now if I get time, I have a Nest thermostat to install, & that’s going to be a whole other can of worms with all the other gadgets coming on & off based upon temperature. Adding the geofencing dimension will really mess things up. (Nest thermostat was a freebie with a previous energy provider).


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    Yes Julie the exact same place.

    I will get thermometer and check out how accurate it is.

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    Mike 700

    Before we downsized 7 years ago, we had gas
    C/H which was quite efficient and our monthly bill to heat around 2800- 3000 square feet and cook with gas as well, was considerably less even adding in electricity, than our current monthly bill for 100% Electric C/H, in a house of 1000 sq. feet.

    So, the answer is no, but only because of cost – 9 kw boiler heater with wet C/H ,
    even with a new thermostat , is very expensive to run.

    We have purchased a couple of German ceramic heaters at 1.5 Kw which give off a lot of heat, so we use those rather than the C/H.

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