Headphones for tv please help ?

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    Please could anyone advise me on here on headphones to work with my tv ? I wear hearing aids my old Samsung tv 11 years old is non smart but I have an amazon fire stick and also Netflix some of the programmes I have job to hear and don’t want to turn volume up loud as it’s a retirement bungalow and I have lovely neighbours ! Can I get Bluetooth or wireless headphones to work with my tv so I could just put them on for certain programmes or say a 2 hour film ? I know nothing about headphones so any help would be so welcome ?

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    You can connect blue tooth headphones to your amazon fire stick, won’t help with live TV on your non smart Samsung though.

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    I dipped my toe into the bluetooth dongle for TV waters recently. You need to be careful not to get a dongle for a PC.

    I found this guide quite helpful. I would be interested to hear (see what I did there) how you get on.

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    I looked at this some while ago and gave up. It’s a minefield. Problem with Bluetooth is there is a noticeable delay causing lipsync issues and echoes if headphones and speakers are used together.  There are quite expensive professional solutions however.

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