Have you taken down your Christmas tree?

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    It appears that some people are leaving their Christmas tree up until the pandemic is over. Is it just in Scotland or are there daft people in other parts of the UK lol.

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    Yes Mrs Joss takes it down at the beginning of January, along with all the other Christmas stuff. The house over the road still has tree up and illuminated.

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    The thing is joss those waiting till the pandemic is over could have it up for a very long time.

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    If it brings them a little joy through these troubled months why not..does no harm.

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    Came down days ago. Had to! Leave it too late and the pagan forest gods will do bad things to you.

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    Took it down on January 1st, so DH could have the last two days of his Leave free before getting back to work on Monday.

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    Indeed, Tharg.  Herne the Hat Rack and the Yell Hounds ride across the skies above Windsor Forest (later the Great Park) – which used to stretch west almost to where Reading and Woking are now.  A lot of the ‘Rides’ around old Finchampstead are left over from the Forest. (I love Finchampstead – the Devil’s Highway and a church build inside the ramparts, much flattened over the last 2,000 year, of a Roman Camp that was possibly an Iron Age camp before that.

    I think there are still plenty of live-stock farmers who quietly make sure all their animals are under cover on 12th Night.

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    I so knew you were of the Wiccan persuasion. You ought to meet Mrs T someday and swap broomstick reviews. They’re not on Motability yet, of course, but it won’t be long what with the number of cars plummeting as it is.

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    They came down and put away on 27th. Would much rather not of had them up at all – first Christmas and new year after the loss of my partner.

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