good job theres only me to fit in

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    well it aint good lol, fortunately i only need an automatic with a high seat so search for petrol mpv’s and suv’s with a max 1k ap and the choice isnt inspiring:

    bayon            mghs          mgzs       arona          c3 aircross

    kamiq          vitara          crossland     juke       puma

    ds3 crossback     t-cross   korando    quashqai

    i cant charge at home so ev’s and plug ins ive excluded and i am not sure about hbrids although i realise some of the petrol listings are actually hbrids, crap search.

    if i increase the ap to £1.5k  i can also get:

    duster       t-roc     grandland.

    oh and in medium cars the mokka.

    a whole 18 vehicles to choose from and i dont hold out hope that it will improve before i can order on 12th dec, i aint going to hold my breath.

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    Which Mobility Car

    You could add the Citroen C4 in there it has a similar seat height to the Mini Countryman.


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    thats interesting thanks wmcforum, i was dubious about the puma as it looks more estatey but i was waiting to actually go around an sit in them as who knows what will disapear next.

    i quite like the look of the new aygo x but again am dubious about the height and of course its not on the scheme yet.

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    I certainly don’t envy you @mitch

    Another dilemma you have is how soon do you want one sitting outside your house. Obviously some are going to arrive sooner than others.


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    aircross 3 is a nice car with a high enough seat last time i sat in one(admittedly 3 years ago). The Bayon looked ok too when i saw one last year.

    Current Car: Hyundai Kona Premium EV...2 way 40kg hoist
    Last Car: Toyota C-HR Excel Hybrid...4 way 80kg hoist

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    Just think how much your choice will be reduced if you are looking for vehicles that can be driven by under 25s

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    aircross 3 is a nice car with a high enough seat last time i sat in one(admittedly 3 years ago). The Bayon looked ok too when i saw one last year.

    I really liked the Bayon, it was the perfect height for me but alas the boot wasn’t right for the chair and/or scooter (I think it also didn’t have the electronic handbrake but I could be confused about that). I was gutted as it was available for a really good advance payment at the time.

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    wazza, i appreciate that but it was always so simply due to the cost of insurance. that problem passed me by many years ago but back then my insurance for the year cost me more than the car and it was 10 years before i could afford a new car.

    whilst i think mota could make more of an effort to get more choice for under 25’s and i think they could without too much pain its right that there are restrictions.

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    pricewise the mokka and c3 aircross are up there although i havent sat in the mokka yet, the arona felt a little cramped when i tested it last time.

    i think i would push the ap for the ds3 version over the c3 though.

    other than that the puma seems a good deal but not sure about height would need to test and the other one i like is the juke although the ap’s have gone up a lot since launch.

    so we’re down to around half a dozen at the moment. hopefully by december there will be a wider choice and/or lower ap’s.

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    I followed a Puma in a nardo grey type colour yesterday and thought it looked good.
    I also like the look of the Kamiq. That’s probably my favourite out of kamiq/arona/tcross which I assume are pretty much the same

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    i prefer the kamiq as well dbtruth, although they similar i found the arona a lot more cramped as the driver and just didnt like the t-cross interior at all.

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