Garden Stuff Is it fun or is it hard ,, Garden Bin /Special Uplift

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    So where i am we have bins for everything general bin, blue for paper , recyling for plastic, bottles , glass , and green bin for garden and food.

    SPECIAL UPLIFTS  we use to get 3 a year free it was included in council tax, it stopped last year and they started charging £25 for 10 items or 20 black bags then in april they put it up to £35 for the same .(oh and council tax did’nt go down ). Thats a lot of money for bin bag collection.

    i need to get a special up lift for garden stuff because there’s not enough  room in the garden bin for branches ect and i cant manage to take them to the dump

    just another example how being disabiled is costing me more than an able bodied person.



    As a disabled person its almost imposa

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    On a general note, martino, if being disabled didn’t cost you more than an able bodied person, the government would have no reason to give you money through PIP.  They certainly don’t award it for the pain and suffering involved in being disabled.

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    Wigwam this is true and i am eternally great full for PIP although i just feel let down by lots of places, one being the local council.

    think i was just having a moan

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    Our council thankfully aren’t doing this yet but one county over they charge to have the garden waste bin emptied.

    Quite often I have to borrow the neighbours bins otherwise with a fortnightly collection it could take months just to get rid of our front hedge pruning.

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