Flu and pneumonia jab

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    Got a call from the doctor telling me the flu jab is being done out-with the surgery this year. The Scottish government will contact me directly, via letter, to tell me where and when I will be seen.

    Strangely she said I was due to get the jab for pneumonia this year, never had it before, but I will be able to get it at the surgery. I asked if I could get both at the same time but unfortunately that is not possible.

    I asked if she knew where I would need to go to get the flu jab and she indicated Hamilton which is a wee bit away from me and is a hot bed for coronavirus.

    The way things are in Hamilton I think I will be giving the flu jab a miss this year ☹️

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    Mike 700

    We had our flu jabs today – let’s hope they help?

    For the last couple of years we have been going to Boots , but they couldn’t help this year, so for the first time we attended our Health Centre clinic – no problems with adverse reaction or anything  – thus far.

    Best to get it done – just put the masks on and take anti bac gel with you, and take in a bit of fresh air and scenery, &  enjoy the day.





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    The way things are in Hamilton I think I will be giving the flu jab a miss this year ☹️

    You just drive to go where the jabs taking place, have it done and drive home – don’t see where there is much risk there especially if you wear a mask and keep your hands clean.

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    Slightly concerning but not a major issue though.

    For the last couple of years i’ve received text notifications from my my GP surgery stating that i am due flu and pneumonia jabs but thats as far as its ever got – just text notifications, no actual jabs.

    A couple of months ago i called my GP surgery after receiving the text message again to enquire when will i actually get the jabs this year because i never got them the previous year despite receiving the text message. The reception lady stated she wasn’t sure but its being rolled out by age and because i am not technically an OAP(I’m only late 50’s) its unlikely to occur any time soon for me.

    There’s always next year i guess — well hopefully there’s next year. Third time lucky and all that jazz..


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    We have our flu jabs booked for this Saturday morning at our local medical centre

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    If anyone wants one you can pay around £10 from your local pharmacist

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    Just back from having our jabs very well organised no waiting around straight in jib jab job done

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