DVLA / Motability adaptions ? Entitled to drive ?

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      It’s been nearly 11 months since notifying dvla of a medical condition & we’re still waiting for an answer, so while we’re still waiting on DVLA,  I’d thought I’d share.

      Mrs TT has a few health conditions of late, 1 of them being a stroke, a while back, this has left her right side weak & numb & the numbness hasn’t gotten any better,

      she feels like she would have more driving ability & greater control if she could use a left foot accelerator.                                                                                                                                                (I’m expecting that would be a challenge after nearly 40 years of using her right foot)

      Circumstances have changed & as it happens, our disabled daughter has recently taken delivery of a Kona Bev with adaptions to enable left foot & hand driving as she now has passed her driving test.

      As the wife would be entitled to her own motability car, the miles we cover, wouldn’t justify getting an additional vehicle, but having one sat on the drive, has given her hope of driving again.

      So although motability are aware of our situation, there advice is lacking, as the wife is not the motability customer.

      DVLA  say while the wife’s license is technically still valid, go on the recommendation of her Dr’s advice of if she can she still drive.

      Her Dr says it’s in the hands of DVLA.

      As the daughter still lives at home, Motability would be ok for the wife to be added to the insurance, but with her not being the intended recipient of an adapted vehicle, there advice on the wife driving with a left foot accelerator is rather vague.


      Until DVLA says otherwise, the wife has a valid driving license,

      We have a suitable adapted vehicle.

      All we need now is clarification from DVLA / Motability /DLM that they are happy to let her get behind the wheel again.



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        I would enquire with two different organisations/businesses:

        Three years ago I had to go through the D4 application with the DVLA to reinstate cat C1 on my licence. It isn’t free, but be mindful it may be required. Might be worth speaking with someone who does D4 medicals near you.

        Also, there are driving assessment centres that might be able to give you some good advice. Google is your friend in both cases.

        Hope it goes well for your wife.

        VW ID3 Max is my DD



          if your wife has a normal license, then you would need to wait on the DVLA.

          to drive a car with left hand acceleration you need Restriction on her license.

          your daughter must have to Restrictions on her license have a look on the back if the card the code will tell you, 25 is adaptive accelerator and to us hand controls on steering is code 40.

          so in event of mr plod pulling you over could turn nasty. Wait till DVLA get back to you but ur wife is free to drive any normal car. But not one thats adapted


            Cheers guys.

            11 months waiting on dvla so far, they definitely have no urgency in reaching a decision.

            The only urgency is the 14 days timeframe in which they need paperwork returned,

            but the 4 month wait between there responses is par for the course 🤭



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