Dover To Benidorm EV v Diesel Volvo

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      MacMaster and Geoff Buys Cars are doing a continental challenge this week. They are driving to Benidorm, MacMaster in his Taycan EV and Geoff in an £1100 diesel Volvo. Should be interesting as Lee has only just figured out he can precondition his battery before charging, something he didn’t do when the did the John o Groats to Lands End trip. They both have YouTube channels in case any of you don’t know who they are. Definitely worth a watch.

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        Is it a race or cost exercise?

        I would want to value my time in resort if taking the car, so in this instance the Volvo wins hands down for me providing it doesn’t break down, given its age 🙂

        Cost wise, I don’t know what charging or fuel prices are over there, but the Taycan has a warm weather range of around 250-270 miles, without aircon turned on!

        Interesting to see what the results are.


          I think it’s a mix of race and cost, they were saying the charging infrastructure is better and cheaper on the continent. Geoff is avoiding toll roads and they are meeting up along the way, they are going via the Millau viaduct.

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            I’m looking forward to watching this, a bit of good humoured fun. 😁

            I’m guessing that MM wont’t be using the aircon in his Taycan too much on a long run like this. And I notice that the mercury is rising steadily right now, local forecast puts Benidorm at 27 C tomorrow. I think they’re leaving on Friday though .. so it could be even hotter! 😆🤣

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