Don’t know what to do re 7 seater

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    Will be 6 of us soon. Do I get the Tiguan Allspace as it is nice looming, got sunroof and leave 1 seat down, but will that be enough space for prams etcetera.

    How is the touran boot space behind the back row of seats?


    Was considering the 190ps tarraco but thats vanished. Actually spoke to Nathan to order now it has gone.


    Vauxhall vivaro life has caught my eye too, how big is it in real life? I am still fairly young so I feel like I shouldn’t be buying a bus yet. But it is so far superior in space.  Do like the thought of family day outs without having to cram things in a small boot too.


    Particularly looking at the Elite M 180PS version


    Really don’t know what to do

    Anyone got qny similar experience or feedback



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    Get the Vivaro – same size as a transit van so not huge – stop worrying about what age you are and what you drive…enjoy the trips out.


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    Which Mobility Car

    We are also 6, have been through the Ford Galaxy, VW Sharan, now in a VW transporter. The bigger the better in my book. It’s a difficult decision because it’s nice having a car like the two you listed while you can, plenty of time for a big un.

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    Best car I’ve Had was the Fiat Doblo, when the kids were younger. You would be amazed how popular you are with friends and family when they need to move something too big for a car, and was great when having a tip run

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    WE used to have a c4 grand picasso and when we had 6 we had to use bungys to pack all the luggage etc to the roof and to the one side and it was the case of taking the stroller buggy as it’s smaller.

    Most of the time we only had 5 people in the car so was ok but when it was 6 it was tight as the two other seats are in the boot. so as alan said maybe the Vivaro which has 9 seats so should leave lots of space for luggage and stuff. The ap ain’t to bad on the Manuals.

    One could get also get a roof box i guess.

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    We have just ordered the Vivaro Life Elite 180bhp Long, the boot is huge!!! And plus because its built using the same platform as the 5008, 508, 3008, citroen c5 etc it actually feels like an SUV/car to drive, just with a higher seating position, doesn’t feel like a van at all until you turn your head and see all the space in the cabin behind you.  I really cant wait for the extra room. We currently have the zafira tourer on motability and I just hate it being so small. Not sure how old you are, but I’m 40, think I’m coming to an age where practicality trumps style now

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    I’m another one in the same boat. Have a Touran at the moment. I have three children and a guide dog. So when it comes to going on any sort of outing/holiday space in the boot becomes very limited as your always giving up 50% of the rear space. So if your always travelling with 6 the van based MPVs would be a lot better.

    Current car VW Touran SEL

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    the boot space on the long version of the vivaro with all 8 seats in place, offers 989 litres upto the parcel shelf or 1384 litres upto the roof.

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    I’ve driven the Peugeot & Citroen versions of the Vivaro & they are very nice to drive, more like a car than you would expect, the comfort & ride was exceptional, never felt like you were driving a big bus at all & the 180 auto had plenty of grunt with loads of kit.

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    Got to say, I am edging toward the vivaro life. Will have to look at the size difference between the M and L.

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    There is quite a bit of difference in boot space between the Medium and Large, the pic above is the Large and this is the medium

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    i think its 350mm difference which doesnt seem alot but with the medium already near 5mtr that extra results in over hang in the long version in most parking spaces, a test drive including parking practise is a must if your not used to bigger vehicles. at only £200 more the Long offers so much more versatility but you have to be comfortable with it, try for an Extended test Drive, or maybe consider hiring one for the day as a lot of hire companies use them.

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    The L isn’t that big really, not compared to what I used to drive 😁

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    So why not the VW Transporter Shuttle, too van like?

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    Yes Tony, I dont think I’m ready for that leap yet. I don’t want to feel like I am “stuck” with a car or in this case a van?

    After further thought, I feel like it is a little too soon for me to get a larger MPV.

    I think I will be ordering the Pug 5008 GT 180 Petrol. Lovely car and can get it by April they said if all goes well. Ticks the boxes for me.


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