Don’t have a drive in a Tesla model 3 It’s not worth it

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    So I was out looking at cars today and there’s a new Tesla centre opened in Glasgow

    so I went in and I had a shot in a model 3 don’t do it it’s not worth .

    it was fantastic I loved , why did I do it it’s not on Motability and I can not afford it , you shouldn’t Look at cars you can’t afford

    but it was great , maybe one day

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    I thought someone would have commented on this

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    Well, I considered a reply but as I already drive an EV there’s less of a gap between my car & the Tesla than between a fossil & the Tesla.

    Whilst thinking about the move to the current car I did look at the Tesla Model 3 & priced up various options, lease & buying outright, I decided that this wasn’t the right time for me to buy the Model 3 outright, & the lease was still a little too high for me to justify. So, I’ll manage for the next 3 years on what I have.

    Now if I’d looked at the Model Y I’d probably have found the extra money.


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    Have 2 friends with a model 3 and both have had loads of problems with them, one had to have his repainted as the quality from the factory was shocking and took lots of arguing and independent inspections to get it authorised, since coming back it’s had to have the panel gaps aligned twice and has broken down several times (all attributed to the strip down and rebuild for painting), the other just seems to go wrong every other month with weeks at a time with it in the shop.

    Not saying this is normal but there are loads of customer reviews out there with loads of problems, money doesn’t buy everything.

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    I though I would like one but it’s so expensive

    £11500 deposit then balance £35000 (Scottish gov interest free loan) over 6  years  plus everything insurance etc


    it ready does make Motability look not that bad



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    It seems that the build quality and reliability of Tesla’s is not good.
    And the really scary thing for me is that the door handles in the rear are purely electric.
    Watch these. 😮

    Of course these guys could have bought a Friday car! 😐

    On the second vid, look at the panel misalignment at 8:36 😮

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    The reason I considered the model 3 was electric ( I really would like electric ) and 4×4

    And range

    I do like other ev  like some that are on Motability

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