Do people use foodbanks because they can’t cook and……….

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    Following the comments from MP Lee Anderson, I wandered what your thoughts were on:

    • Do people use a foodbank because they can’t cook.
    • Can you cook a meal from scratch for 30p.

    In my opinion people who use foodbanks do so because they can’t make ends meet and there budget does not let them buy in food, to feed themselves or their family.  I also think people would prefer to buy and choose heir own food,. rather than the fact they simply can’t cook.

    There is no way I can buy and cook meals from scratch for 30p per day.

    I think the majority of MP’s these days are so out of touch with what goes on in the real world and am beginning to think that MP stands for  muppet person.

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    Regardless of the merits of his argument, coming from an MP claiming £200k expenses in a year isn’t a good look.


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    I reckon that Lee Anderson, the conservative MP who came up with the 30p a day figure, got his figures mixed up; 30p a day isn’t what you spend to cook meals, it’s what he pays the servants who cook meals for him. 😏

    Seriously, how can people take this government and its MPs seriously? Criminally incompetent numpties.

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    That one really pissed me off, no way in describing it nicer.

    As someone who worked in kitchens, both in restaurants and in catering, this is utter bollocks and just shows how far detached from reality tories actually are.

    You can’t even make the “elitist eaton” or whatever school excuse for morons like Anderson, he didn’t go to a prestigious “snob school”. He came up with this “poor people just be too stupid” thing by himself.

    Though i’d love to see him take £2.10, go to ASDA and then cook 7 “nutritious” meals from it. The last time i checked, veggies and meat, even if hunting for “goes off today” deals, are considerably more than that. And that’s uncooked.

    He probably forgot to mention that these “nutritious meals” are basically cardboard with rice, adding up to 300 calories per meal purely through carbs. A bag of potatoes already would be more than half his given budget.

    Absolutely ridiculous.

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    Fact is people use food banks..

    Help out if you can, hopefully it becomes a thing of the past…

    uuuuurrrrmmm maybe not..

    Also remember we get a little help too, it certainly helps…😐

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    Unrepentant Lee Anderson has doubled down on his claim that people forced to rely on food banks don’t know how to cook or budget and his glad he has caused so much fuss!

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    I bet the 90.000 civil servants they want to cut are looking forward to this exercise. While dealing with the trade war “we shouldn’t fear”.

    People like Anderson, Rees-Mogg, Frost and other sociopaths that think that “everyone’s fine” because they sit on a few million pounds and can weather out hardship should have all their assets liquidated as well as wages cut by 95%, to live by example.

    Easy to talk s^%& if you don’t have to fear any consequences.

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    Very good points there Rene, especially the last 🙂

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    Exactly @Rene. It angers me to the core with the sh!t that comes from their mouths whilst knowing very well they especially wouldn’t beable to live how the middle class live let alone the poorest of our society.

    If Anderson was any kind of man he should put his money where his mouth is and show us (A) how to cook and (B) cook a meal from scratch for 30p. I bet he can do neither!

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    Nobody can.

    Yeah, for 30p a day i can make sure that you don’t starve to death. That’s it. I’m certainly not great with money, i don’t “hunt” for special prices – but we do cook from scratch, every day (the last ready/microwave meal i had is years ago).

    He specifically said nutritious meal, and that’s impossible. Period. If someone disagrees: you’re wrong, don’t argue. It’s factually, undeniably and guaranteed impossible to cook 7 nutritious meals for 30p a day, even if we assume an intake of 700 calories (which is a third of the average required calorie intake for a male).

    It becomes even dumber if you put it differently. You need to cook an entire week for £2. It looks even more bollocks if you, yet again, put it differently. The argument is that you can cook for an entire month for £8.

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    30p won’t even buy you a tin of chopped tomatoes, the base ingredient to curries, chilli con carne and spag bol. You’d struggle to make a cheese sandwich for 30p. Typical bulls##t from an I’m alright Jack MP, eating and drinking subsidised food and alcohol in the House of Commons bars whilst closing £200k in expenses.

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