Disabled Road Tax – My Dilemma

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      Here’s the situation. I’ve had a Motability car for many years but the past few years I went off the scheme and bought my own private car and have disabled tax on it. I decided to go back to a Motability car once more. Last week I signed up for a stock Mercedes CLA which should be with my dealer within the next week or so, so with the 4 day rule I guess it’s likely to be picked up within 7-10 days from now.

      Now, here’s my dilemma right now. I will be selling my private car but naturally I don’t really want to sell it until my new Motability car has been collected Or I’ll be car-less. Looks like I will be selling it via CarWow where dealers bid on my car. Trouble is (as I see it) I have disabled tax on my private car and I know I can only have one car taxed with disabled road tax. How will Motability deal with that when they process the road tax on the Motability car? I can’t remember for certain what happened last time I did this as it was 20 years ago though I seem to remember it wasn’t a problem and that the buyer of my old private car back then complained when he noticed that my V5 showed as disabled taxation class. 🤭

      As I understand it I need to change the taxation class on my current private car but that necessitates sending off a V70 form, V5 and road tax fee. Is that correct or, am I wrong and can this be done at a Post Office instead? I am reluctant to do it this way if so as it would possibly take a few weeks to get a new V5 back from the DVLA knowing the speed they work at and as I’m selling my car in a matter of days that presents a potential problem as I see it.

      Or .. would it be just easier to do nothing right now, sell my car to a dealer in a week or so as when they buy the car the road tax stops straight away?

      Anybody with in depth knowledge of this situation have the right answer to help make this as easy as possible for myself? ☹️

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        I wouldn’t panic too much. When you sell your old car you need to notify DVLA asap, or you will be liable for any fines, taxes etc. When you have informed them, your disabled tax no longer applies to this car so it will be no issue for Motability to tax the new one.

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