Could EV’s be allowed to drive faster than ICE cars?

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    Very interesting DBtruth, I am glad the Welsh government made this move and I have to say driving on these roads on a regular basis most drivers are sticking to the limits. It must be a great relief to those communities near these roads. Have to say it would be logical to do what Austria has already done and to allow BEVs to travel faster due to lower emissions.

    Dont think it would go down too well with some, but it might encourage more to convert to EV and I’m sure Governments will be looking closely at this option. We have to reduce harmful emissions no ifs or buts.


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    I’m not saying I agree with it as I’d need more information but it’s definitely an interesting idea. The dual carriageway I use everyday has a 50 limit and if I was allowed to go a bit quicker in an EV I’d be happy about that.
    I can imagine there being some problems if you had roads full of people doing very different speeds.
    I agree there will be people who wouldn’t be happy about it but that’s true for every new idea isn’t it.

    I think it would be another tick in the pro column for EV’s. It would be interesting to see how many EV’s would actually travel at a new higher speed limit considering how much it affects their range

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    A very divisive idea, given the current proportion of cars which are EVs. It would create an ‘us and them’ situation between the EV car elite and the rest of car owners causing resentment, and worse.

    I was out in the New Forest yesterday and standing in a car park waiting for the family to organise themselves. In front of me were three cars – a Hyundai, a Honda and a Ford.  They were 12 to 14 years old and looked to be in good condition, and clearly still providing reliable daily transport.  It will be a few years yet before the public at large will be driving EVs.  Being able to drive faster isn’t the way to get people to change.  Cost and infrastructure is.

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    Have to agree. Divisive and dangerous idea.  Roads with two max-speed limits would lead to more overtaking which is always a potentially dangerous manoeuvre.  If one is using the “smart” cruise controls then it could confuse the software something rotten, I think?

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    No need for cars to go any faster than they do now IMO

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    I think the idea is to allow EVs to go as fast as now, but limit the speed of ICEs in an effort to further reduce pollution.

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    According to the guy on the video they are considering allowing BEVs to do 80 mph. Like you I do not see the need to increase the speed limit even though when it was introduced Austin 1100s were typical cars of the time.

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    Nonsense, imho.

    Not because of the “division”, couldn’t care less if an EV is allowed to go faster, or if other ICE car drivers feel “offended”.

    Most EVs (there’s exceptions but barely anyone can pay for them) aren’t designed for high speeds. An increase of what, 13% top speed, comes with the price of 30%-40% more energy consumption. Higher energy consumption, more battery wear (leading to the need to replace them sooner, which ain’t great for the wallet nor the environment), all for 10mph. This becomes even worse if you have to constantly accelerate up to 80 again because a slower car forced you back to 70.

    Nah. Maybe in a decade or two, when EVs can efficiently drive at higher speeds (mainstream ones), but not in the near future.

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