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    Has anyone got a new Citroen C5 Aircross I got mine October last year and I’ve got a real problem with condensation and the door seal not sealing properly. I’ve taken it back to the dealer once and have just rang again this morning. I had to sit for at least 20 minutes yesterday evening to clear the windscreen as it was dripping with condensation. Because of my limited arm movement I can not wipe the screen as I can’t reach it. I also have condensation in the rear lights is this normal? Pics enclosed 

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    You can see where it’s dry then wet where it is not sealing properly 

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    Glos Guy

    Sorry to hear about your issues which obviously need dealer attention. Apologies if you already know this, but keeping the air con / climate control on all year round will help to minimise condensation within the cabin and will clear condensation from your windscreen in a fraction of the time compared to when it’s off.

    I only mention this as it amazes me how many people think that air con / climate control is just designed to keep a car interior cool in the summer and don’t appreciate that it should be left on all year round, with just the temperature adjusted. Aside from the fact that if these systems are turned off all winter the seals can dry out and perish (so the coolant leaks out), these systems reduce humidity in the cabin which, in addition to stopping condensation, reduces driver fatigue.

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    Its could be the seals but hard to tell from photographs but not sure if there is a problem with the seals and what your seeing here is the modern day practices of car manufacturing.

    Happens on my KIA sometimes and previously on my VW Golf and it happens because cars don’t have rain gutters any more so water collects along the top edge of the door and when you open the door it falls into the inside of the car even though the inner rubber seal should catch it it does splash sometimes.

    Whatever get them to check the seals anyway as warped doors are not uncommon or seals not seated properly.

    Like you I find it very hard to the wipe the inside of the screen using just my right hand and with the long rake many screens have these days but auto demist sorts most problems with A/C on as GG suggested,




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    i got that with my ford cmax and it was the seals letting in moisture/also moist air, and some water too at times. also as said above, the air con can help. I also am inclined to cool down the interior of car in last few miles before getting home in winter especially as the warm air in car turns to water.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>As a temporary fix, try a couple of demister bags. They are filled with moisture absorbing beads, you leave them on the dash and put them in the microwave when they’re full. I got a Pingi branded one from Amazon around £8.</p>

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    Modern cars do tend to suffer condensation problems, our Peugeot Rafter gets it on the bottom of the headlamps. My daughters Toyota Aygo gets condensation build up on the inner front screen, this is made worse in the winter when it freezes !

    Touch screen displays can also suffer condensation on the inside of display.

    Also we must have all noticed, new cars don’t have roof gutters, so open doors on a wet days… it dumps water on the seats or carpets ☹️


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