Can I canel my order ?

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    Rowland Dunn

    Can anyone please advise what is the position with cancelling an order. Am I able to cancel my order for a Volvo XC40 PHEV after 6 weeks. I have changed my mind and wish to order another make. I know I will loose my depsoit of £500 but I am ‘happy’ to do that. Just not sure if I can cancel and if I do if there would be any other penalties ? Thanks

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    I was told that if you don’t put any extras on the car you could cancel right up to putting the pin in and get any deposit back.

    Did the dealer say what stage of the build the cars at?

    Do you mind me asking why you’ve decided to cancel because I’m looking at the same vehicle

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    i have never paid a deposit and would refuse to do so, but regardless yes you can cancel at any time.


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    Yes you can cancel,but must be done with dealer,so you can open the application for a new car again

    If you paid a deposit to dealer,then that is up to them,but really Motability do not expect any payment to be made until you inspect and put in your pin for the car,you can cancel at any time until then,if the dealer took £500 of you i would ask for it back, they are not supposed to ask for that,unless you ordered any extras,car not been built yet ? then no excuse as they can cancel or let other dealer take the slot and the car due to long delays the other dealers would jump at it.

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    Rowland Dunn

    Thanks, it is a factory order and I did specify some extras……

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    What spec and extras because I’m placing an order this week, so you never know?

    I could take your order so surely the dealer wouldn’t lose out so you’d get the £500 back

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    Even if you cancel and have an order with extras you are entitled to your money back facts.

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    Strictly speaking, if the dealer insisted on keeping the deposit, he’d need to show he’d lost that amount of money as a result of you cancelling.  Of course, he hasn’t.

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    Glos Guy

    The £500 deposit is fully refundable and should be requested. A discretionary deposit is nothing more than a statement of intent as the car is never owned by the customer, so there is no legally binding agreement. The actual order and contract is with Motability Operations. The dealer will be able to switch another customer into that order slot (if the order has actually got that far) in a heartbeat and if they can’t another dealership awaiting build allocation slots will bite their hand off. The dealership will suffer no financial loss as a result of the cancelled order so has no right to retain the £500.

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    I will just add that you should read any contract before you sign it. If it does not state that the deposit is refundable if you cancel you could lose it. One dealer told me they refund in most cases but if for instance a customer has specified lots of extras and then decides at the last minute they don’t want the car the dealer will keep the deposit.  Golden rule. Read and understand the contract you are signing and if it’s unclear get confirmation in writing.

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