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    Hi guys need help please we have had the dno guys out to asses for our bp wall charger the guy said we need to change the fuse from 60amps to 80amps but now today i got and email saying that dno want £1300+ todo work at our home can anyone give me any advise on this please cause the guy who came out said its a easy swap

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    Ian Price

    UK Power network came out and changed our fuse from 60amp to 80. No charge. There must be other work involved to quote you £1300. Can’t be just changing the fuse.

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    Coral Winship

    Nope from what the guy said when he came out all was needed was a 80amp fuse but on the email it’s say coralie y c/o bp pulse then further down the email it says dear Jody and her surname witch isn’t mine so confused with this email

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    Needs checking we had our unlooping and fuse for free they even said for a charger or ground source heating it would be free

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    Scam? As far as I know, changing the incoming fuse to 80a is free or a minimal fee like £50, depending on the DNO, but you would not be charged £1300.

    We were unlooped and a new cable laid to the property, complete with new 100a fuse holder for free. DNO was SSE.

    Phone the DNO and check with them, I’d be very suspicious of any unsolicited e-mail “quote” with incorrect details on it. If it is correct then what are they going to be doing for the £1300?

    At £1300 you’d be cheaper ignoring BP & getting a charger fitted at your cost with a built in load limiter so your 60a fuse can remain. It would throttle the charger whenever load on the main is close to 60a. Basically unless you are up at night cooking, cleaning & using electric showers then it would charge in the wee hours without any issue – most after 1am electrical loads on the house are minimal – fridge, odd light etc unless you have Economy 7 heating or have load shifted your washing machine/tumble dryer. The Viridian unit I purchased has this built in, its costing me £500 fully fitted (its not OLEV grant eligible).


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    if some of your wiring in fuse box area like tails etc are not up to standard then that may entail costs. if just the main fuse is upgraded it should be free.

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