Anyone had a new boiler whilst claiming benefit

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      Random question but I expect you helpful people will know the answer.

      My boiler packed up but managed to get it fixed for now, but it is 20 years old so on its last legs.

      I’ve seen you can sometimes get a new gas boiler fitted if you claim certain benefits but my energy provider said I don’t qualify as my boiler is still working and have to wait until it breaks down.  Does that sound right?

      When it does finallly break it will be a mad panic to get a new one, so don’t know how practical it is waiting that actually happens.   Any thoughts/experience ?


      thank you

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        There is an official government website where you can check if you are eligible but the forum won’t let me post a link.


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            It would be really handy if your boiler broke down in Summer. It can be realised.

            We used to send bad PC,s back to head office and they would come back as working, we knew the serial numbers and jnew they were faulty.  We had a lot of laptop power supplys. These put out 14v.

            The end that plugs into the laptop, we had one paper clip sticking out of the centre hole and another wrapped around the outside, and a 6 mm gap between the ends of the paperclips. Just touching the terminals on a couple of the microchips on the motherboard with the power supply fried them.

            The pc never worked after that. It was sent back and never returned.

            The circuit board on a boiler are usually quite expensive and if a couple of chips on it are faulty, its usually written off.


              My brother had one done by government scheme about 15 years ago. His son is disabled and he got DLA, this was a qualifying benefit at the time. They changed it as they said his was not efficient, they put an Ideal branded boiler in for free, they initially said the grant of £2500 wouldn’t cover it, they want an extra £270 of him, he said he didn’t have the money and they waived the fee.


                We had complete central heating system fitted in Scotland two years ago free of charge. Also had Wi-Fi smoke alarms fitted as well. Warmhome Scotland carried out the work. Each home who applied where entitled to £7500 of works carried out. Also had old cavity wall removed  and up to date cavity wall insulation fitted. They also put foam under the floor for insulation. Made a massive difference to heating my home. You can apply every seven years as well to have boiler replaced.


                  Had my boiler replaced 13 years ago under the the warm homes scheme back then or something like that name. Like everything else these days I don’t think they do it any more but back then I had a grant that covered up to £3K.

                  My boiler then was working the central heating with no problems but the HWS was suffering an intermitted fault that British Gas engineers could not pin down so suggested the boiler needed renewing. They sent around a guy who was over the Moon in telling they had this fantastic boiler on offer that only cost £750 then after 10 minutes of faffing with his laptop informs me I would need a boiler fitting kit then labour so in the end came to near on £3K.

                  When the guy came to fill out the grant form to pay for a new boiler he asked what was wrong with the old boiler and I told him the heating is OK but HWS is a bit hit and miss with it taking serveral minutes to warm the water up sometimes, and he said the same to “we can’t give you the grant if your boiler is working” but kindly said to me “sorry I miss heard you then but you did say the boiler was not working at all” and I of course said “correct its not working” and he put down on the form that the boiler was as dead as the Dodo.


                    Thank you

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