Another (Switch Mobility) London eBus goes up in flames

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      The London Fire Brigade dispatched three fire engines and approximately 15 firefighters to contain and extinguish the blaze. As a precautionary measure, a 25-meter cordon was established, and road closures were enforced. Fortunately, there have been no reported injuries resulting from the incident as passengers were evacuated in time.

      An ongoing investigation by the London Fire Brigade is seeking to determine the cause of the fire. Go-Ahead London said it is actively collaborating with relevant authorities to gather facts and insights into the incident. The Transport for London (TfL) is also engaged in the investigation, working closely with both the operator and the bus manufacturer, Switch Mobility, to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the fire. Further updates will be provided as the investigation progresses.

      The latest fire comes after TfL recalled 90 double decker bus model MetroDeck EV from Switch Mobility (former Optare) in 2022.

      The BYD–Alexander Dennis Enviro400EV  double decker buses aren’t affected by the latest or previous fires.



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