After twelve weeks things must get back to normal

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    No matter where we are after twelve weeks things will go back to normal. I don’t mean the virus will disappear but people will not live in their houses for much longer than that. Also there is no way we can afford to pay out the money we are paying out indefinitely.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    I think this virus will last longer then 12 weeks. Hope not, but experts say it might be here for 18 months until a vaccine can be found

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    I think we all need to prepare for a very different future.

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    The virus is here to stay, year after year, but hopefully in the next few months there will be treatment and in a year to eighteen months a vaccine. If not, some real difficult decisions will need to be made.

    We can’t go on spending billions indefinitely something will have to change. I really think at some point life will need to move on and possibly with no treatment meaning people will die maybe quite a lot of people but life will need to return or our entire way of life will change, maybe for ever and not for the best.

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    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    Yes that’s true Bri not great news for us at greater risk though so it’s either a vaccine or stay indoors indefinitely


    As for paying sick pay etc as it is it will be years before the financial cost is recovered.

    The really sad thing about all this is that so many humans have showed they really only care about ourselves and exactly the same thing will happen with another virus. loo roll and hand sanitizer hoarding. not staying in etc.

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    So what’s it like where you live, very quite here. It’s the first day of the lock down and many will be into work to find out if they should be in work. Things should be clearer tomorrow.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    Very quiet in my part of west London the only thing I’ve heard are the odd delivery truck and someone using a lawn mower.
    we have a park across the road but today it’s almost empty.


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    It amazes me living just half mile off the flight path into Bristol airport how many planes are still coming in from Spain and France and other Covid-19 hotspots.

    There’s one coming in this minute from northern Italy for Christ sakes, but its OK folk because its a private jet with some rich folk for sure on it who must have priority over everything else.

    I have a server here that provides aircraft data 24/7 to FlightRadar24 used by the media so can record all the aircraft in my area up to a hundred miles away and last week and on a normal week I was logging 700 to 800 flights overhead, over the weekend it dropped to 300 to 400 flights and yesterday just over 300 and today 223 so far and although today flights have dropped to a trickle they still come.

    Now we all know about friend of a friend stories but today a friend told me his friend flow into London yesterday from Vietnam and not one check at the airport or even as much as a “have anyone had a cold” question and they expect us to say locked up in our homes for an unknown period while all this goes on.

    Thing will be OK I’m sure for a few weeks but I think things could get very nasty if this is prolonged and threats of prison won’t help as were already in prison serving an 18 month sentence. LOL.😁

    To say it won’t happen is to bury your head in the sand because some low life’s are already out and about taking advantage with a report in the local rag today of teenagers going around smashing up cars, burning out two Iceland delivery vans and to top it all, spitting on passer by and what’s the police response and I quote “We believe that a group of teenagers were involved in these disturbances. I have one message for them, their parents and carers. Stay at home. Save lives”, reassuring isn’t it.🤷‍♂️

    Anyway on a happier note with the nice weather had lunch in the garden today, first time this year and the streets reasonably quite.😊

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    The country can afford it & more fact is most people think that tax & spend is like a household budget. You have income & you can only spend what you have as income. We’re in full control of our currency (unlike Eurozone countries for example) & we have all manner of ways of dealing with spending & borrowing.

    Like the Tories in insisting on running a Surplus that is foolish to aspire to as a gov running a surplus isn’t saving money for a rainy day they’re actively taking money out of the economy undermining it.

    Also think of taxation not as creating money but it’s actually destroying it, when money is held by government its not money its just a piece of paper (plastic) that represent gov liability returned to it.

    Anyway it gets really weird & complex but it’s very different from how some would have you look at it.

    Things will not be returned to any sense of normality inside 12 weeks, we’re still on our way up the graph right now with prospect of exponential growth, God knows how much damage was done this weekend with everyone taking the pee.

    The gov may have to look at other measures to get manufacturing up & running but for the vast majority working in offices etc we’ll still be locked down I suspect.

    Given the disaster that Johnson etc have been with cock up after cock up, unfortunately I can see this getting much much worse. We’re still only testing 5000 a day should be 25,000, the company that makes our ICU equipment still hadn’t received any NHS orders as of last week. Matt Hancock lied about meeting with supermarkets to assure food supplies, Raab the incompetent is Johnson’s understudy ffs, they lied about PPE, lied about herd immunity, introduced measures for PAYE support but not self employed, closed schools without thinking about a lock down & second schools closed some started holidaying.

    With a government that efficient and organised & on the ball with energetic creative thinking there’s no way this is going to be under control with 12 weeks. I also suspect we’re being lied to, numerous under 40 Dr’s, nurses, midwives are in the ICU now, numerous people under 30 Inc a 12 year old girl are fighting for their lives, Linda Lusardi is in early 60s & fit (ooer) & she nearly died too these people were fit & healthy before the virus & not in the at risk groups. I suspect we’re not being told the whole truth coupled with the fact a Dr can issue a death cert without seeing the body & no coroner required makes me wonder if figures are being massaged to try & keep us calm.

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