advice on AP and car tracking

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    Okay so I ordered a car around 2 or 3 weeks ago i can’t remember. Dealer was as nice as can be, dealership staff were terrific too.

    I emailed him regarding the order tracking, to which he replied “only for dealers I’m afraid”

    Also asked regarding the AP if it were to reduce in July would I be able to pay the new AP? To which he replied ” The AP’s are set when the application is put down, so I don’t think Motability would allow that I’m afraid.”


    I kind of get that I agreed to the AP, however on my last vehicle I paid the updated lower cost AP and also got a tracking number.

    I don’t know how I should feel about the response but it seems complete opposite to how the dealer was in person.

    SEAT is car brand

    Any advice or anything? Thanks


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    It costs nothing for the dealer to cancel the order with Motability and reorder at a new reduced AP without disturbing the order with SEAT.  It happens quite often.

    If the AP does go down and your salesman is unco-operative you could appeal to his manager.

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    Seat does not issue customer tracking information to anyone,  however my dealers updated me every time I asked,  they are not legally obligated to offer you the lower AP but any good dealer will do it for you

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    I never got any tracking with dealer on a seat car but I did on twitter  and Facebook messenger on main seat page (not dealer). I was in contact every few days to see progress of car….. They do take a few hours to answer sometimes so be warned. If you not got order number just give them surname the info I had from dealer was Nil just that they had placed order hope this helps

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    appreciate the replies guys 😊 I’ll see if anything happens q3 before I reply again

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