Advantages of ID4 vs ID3

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    ID3 Max Power is reduced to £1339 where as if you want to get the equivalent high specs in a ID4 you would have to go for a Pure Style at £6775

    Is it worth the difference. I know you get a higher vehicle and you get a climacote heated windscreen in the ID4 but it seems a big difference in price!

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    On monetary terms the ID.3 Max power is the one to go for, the ID4 equivalent is far too expensive unless there is a bib price cut in the AP on 1st Oct.

    For us the ID3 tour/ID4 pure was an easier but still difficult choice as it’s £1349 v £2900 and possibly less if the AP comes down.

    The major difference in our case is the range between the two as the 3 has a 77kw battery where the 4 has a 52kw.

    We test drove both last week and liked the 3 a lot as it was nippy and a more involving drive especially on smaller twisty roads. Where the 4 scored over the 3 for us was space, bigger boot, easier access, more comfortable seats and rode better over bumpier surfaces. So depending on what you want that is your choice, we are ordering a 4 later today and if the AP comes down the dealer said he would re order at the lower price. If the 4 with larger battery came down a lot we might even go for that one.

    Hope that helps you.

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    The ID4 Pure Style is nowhere near as well equipped as a ID3 Max Pro, just to point that out quickly. Not even close. Rear camera vs area view camera, no AR HUD, no adaptive suspension etc pp.

    The ID4 Max is equivalent to the ID3 Max, and that’s two steps up.

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    The trouble with the higher specs is they are filled with a lot of extras that sound great but when you have the vehicle you hardly use.

    We have a Tiguan SEL and it comes with a lot of driving aids we very rarely use, a sunroof which has been opened less than half a dozen times in 3-1/2 years, and massage seats which have been used occasionally.

    So even the Pure style which is fairly basic has heated seats, heated windscreen and steering wheel and rear view camera so other than alloy wheels and a bigger battery that will do for me, most other extras are superfluous to us.


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    I didn’t argue your choices, i argued the statement that the ID3 Max and ID4 Pure Style are equivalent “high spec”. They’re not, not even close.

    Of course there’s plenty of gear that’s unnecessary, like the glass roof, for example – maybe even the AR HUD (although it’s great). Adaptive suspension on the other hand, especially in an EV, is an expensive option baked into the ID3 Max and it actually has real world benefits.

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    It depends what you 7se the car for.

    for us, the id3 is too small a boot, the id4 is slightly better, but still not good

    im hoping the Enyaq appears, much better option than the I’d range

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    I have just come back from the dealers and ordered the ID4 life pure in Kings Red Metallic with a boot hoist for the scooter and an application for charging point. Salesman said delivery should be late Feb/March but will keep us informed of progress.  He did not even ask for any cash deposit which is a first for us.

    Very pleased with the dealer this was the best we have ever been treated in the 9 years we have been on the scheme. He arranged test drives at the drop of a hat and was such a polite knowledgeable and non pushy salesman I have ever met.

    I asked if there would be any charge in the vehicle on handover as with normal ICE cars there is usually enough juice to get you to the nearest garage. He told me the ID4 would have a full charge on collection.



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    Mike 700



    Just spoken to my VW dealer, who is even more frustrated than we are, at lack of Qtr 4 price list – he has dozens of Motability clients waiting to order!






    VW Tiguan SEL in Silver White.

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    Mine said order now and if it goes down I will cancel and reorder at lower price, If it goes up you will not pay the extra.


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    Mike 700

    Yeah I agree –  I have an ID.4 on order, with the options of cancelling, amending, or changing to an ID.3 Max, or, of course, pulling the plug?

    I had a look at the Arkana today- a very nice piece of kit, and quite large?

    VW Tiguan SEL in Silver White.

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    Rather cheaply made, the Arkana though. Made for the russian market originally. If the choice is between Arkana and ID4/ID3, i wouldn’t even think twice of changing.

    The only cars that’d tempt me away would be the Ionic 5 and the Enyaq. Maybe, if the rules slightly relax, an EQA and/or the Q4 etron.

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    I drove the V80 enyaq for a couple of hours a few weeks back and it was nice but in reality no different to the ID4 other than it has the lovely Arctic Silver and comes with alloys as standard. Virtually everything else is a cost option to bring the Enyaq up to even the ID4 pure will cost quite a bit as heated steering wheel, heated seats, wireless charging, Sat nav, 100kw charging, reversing camera and a few other things, make it very costly.

    So if the Enyaq comes on can’t see it being under the ID4 pure AP if you want to add all those cost extras especially if the ID4 goes down 1st Oct.

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    Oh yeah, no disagreement there, the Enyaq is expensive and rather bare in “base trim”, with most of the good (or even what i’d consider necessity like reversing camera) behind optional packs.

    Value for money, the ID4 will almost certainly beat it. That said: the Enyaq is the (albeit subjectively) much better looking car, i personally like the interior better too (i hate the armrests in the ID3/4).

    IF we get the Enyaq at all, my guess would be it tops out at the Enyaq 80 Sportline (price being lower than “Family” on the ID4, but higher than Style). In terms of equipment, that’s pretty much exactly the ID4 Style except 20 inch wheels – but it comes with a lot more battery and power. For the same motor/battery combination in the ID4, you’d need to get the (more expensive) Family trim.

    150hp in a car that weighs over two tons with a driver in it isn’t debatable for us, and even 170 doesn’t sound all that great to be honest (we live rural and need to overtake a lot of farming equipment etc). But that is an entirely different story for an urban car, where you don’t need reserves for overtaking.

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    Mike 700

    Rather cheaply made, the Arkana though. Made for the russian market originally. If the choice is between Arkana and ID4/ID3, i wouldn’t even think twice of changing. The only cars that’d tempt me away would be the Ionic 5 and the Enyaq. Maybe, if the rules slightly relax, an EQA and/or the Q4 etron.


    It is not an ID.4 of course, and given the choice I would take the VAG offerings but, if that choice meant a long long wait for VAG  compared to immediate delivery on a Renault, it would be well worth considering – the local VW dealer believes that VAG prices may rise, and some models of cars not be available ?

    It is not the Arkana featured at the 2019 Moscow Motor Show, which was based on an old platform and intended to appeal to different markets from the UK and Europe

    The Arkana sold in the UK they say, is very different, built to a much higher standard in a factory in South Korea and is based on the Clio and Captur.

    It is also a hybrid, not full electric, and they also say, it is actually an ideal vehicle for shorter trips, shopping commuting etc, where  it will run silently and cheaply on the electric motor only .


    VW Tiguan SEL in Silver White.

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    Which Mobility Car

    The Arkana has a 1.2kWh battery, the electric only rage will be about 2 miles and that’s assuming the battery is full, the only way to charge the battery is to run it on petrol power. These small battery hybrids are not to be overestimated.

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    I actually thought they made an electric version, must’ve mixed it up with the e-C4. They look a little bit alike.

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    Went to have a look yestday at both the id3 and id4 both very good cars for size in side and was told if was to put a order in now would be 6 to 9 months and this was at York dealer who told me.

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    Coral Winship

    My vw dealer has said they not taking anymore orders from starting from last week this is for the id3 he said they trying to catch up on the orders they have now

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    I suspect the ID3 will be longer than the ID4 as the AP are £0-£1399 where the ID4 is currently £2849- £5900. My dealer told me 20 weeks approx. for ID4 and 27 for ID3 that was a week ago. Those weeks are from built time so add 3-4 weeks in shipping to get to the dealer.

    Who knows though what might happen between then and now, they might get worse or better.

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