A Tesla on motability? 3 years from now

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    Musk confirms on twitter he will be making a $25,000 Tesla that would be smaller than the model 3, of course who knows if this will even be made / when it’ll come to the uk then maybe mota, but anyone that’s just ordered / ordering now and doesn’t need a big car could be looking at a Tesla for their next order


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    Tesla on Motability three years from now? Well, maybe, be nice but in three years time, I reckon the ID3 might be a) available and b) working right. Who’d win in the fight… Tesla or VW?

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    I’m a big VW fan but I feel like they could’ve done so much better with the ID3/4 both were big let downs for me, to answer your question tho Musk himself has test driven both the 3/4 IDs so he clearly sees them as big competition to fly out all the way to Germany to see what he’s agaisnt

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    Well hopefully Musk will have all the problems sorted out with his cars in 3-years time then. As it stands – they are very poor with no end of problems.

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    I have a friend who writes correction code for Tesla and chatting to him a few days ago I mentioned about leccy cars on the scheme and what he thought about putting in a suggestion at work about the advantages of the scheme for Tesla, he told me that this has already been discussed and shut down instantly, not to be revisited for at least 5 years as the brand has a different target for the UK, he wouldn’t tell me exactly what that meant but hinted at some kind of suv/mpv mash up ideas floating around!

    Maybe just Japanese whispers but a tall estate kind of deal built by tesla would be top of my list 👍

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    3 years from now, Will we still be living wearing masks to go to the shop?

    3 years ago did you think you would be?

    Who knows what happens tomorrow never mind in 3 years time.

    Dyson was making a car, now he’s not. It’s all about keeping the media hype of tesla and unfortunatly we the average person ain’t their target pretty much like alot of other exclusive car makers.

    Will tesla dilute there brand i doubt it very much?

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    I think what he meant by “a different target for the UK” was, there developing electric bikes and scooters for the UK so we can maintain our third World status.




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    You’re probably right, we only get what they think we deserve, no much springs to mind.

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    According to which magazine Tesla cars see more time in the garage than on the road very unreliable cars.

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    @daveblue, did you think it’d be a good laugh to resurrect this thread today? 😂🤣

    To add to your fair point though, the cost and logistics of repair of them is shocking. I posted a link to a YouTube series where a channel have one and dinged it. Minor panel damage and rear light. The cost was astronomical.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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