48 hours until I pick up the new id3

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    So my Id3 is arriving on Wednesday really nervous but excited at the same time. ❤️

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    Keep us updated – top of my list when my car is due for renewal November

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    Hope it’s everything you’re hoping for, looking forward to what you think once you’ve had it a while, I’m sure you’ll be really pleased.  Make sure the dealer has updated the software to 2.1, as that seems to have sorted a lot of early issues.

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    Leslie Ingley

    Don’t forget the picture of  your new car

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    Will do guys. It’s a leap of faith really as I didn’t get to test drive either. 🙏🏼Bit silly but I just loved them from when they come out. Will most definitely post pics❤️

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    Menorca Mike

    How much was the advance payment ?

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    Thats great. Which iD.3 did you go for?

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    Im assuming you got one that they had in the showroom and not a factory build?

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    Lovely car, share pictures when you can 🙂

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    I’ve also ordered an i3 Family ap £2949….mine might be ready next week but no home charger installed yet so will have to hold off from picking up until its installed.



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    Snap jtb.
    Don’t worry about the charger ask the garage to fill you up then use public chargers to top you if you need it.My charger was installed on Thursday so hopefully it will come before your car also. The garage told me my car was ready but it took a month to arrive. Doesn’t BP give you some free miles for the first 3 months also.

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    Can I ask how long it took for BP Pulse to do install once you submitted photos?…they got all my pic on Sunday.

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    They rang me within 3 days and then was installed within 3 weeks. Guess it all depends on the installation company also, fingers crossed for you. Think there was someone on here that said it all took a week.

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