Road tax exemption question

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    Will the road tax on 2nd car exemption if I already have a motability car?




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    Dave h

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>You can only use it  for one car</p>

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    I’ve wondered about this myself as I have plans for a second vehicle at some point. Motability advertising says that the Tax is “included” but we all know they tend to just use your entitlement for exemption. Can you CHOOSE to use your exemption on a different vehicle and if you can and do, do motability have to pay the tax on your lease car?

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    Colin that’s what I do, I use my exemption on my saab and I’m responsible for paying for my mobility car, currently £0.00 cause its electric 😁

    They should forward the tax reminder to you but occasionally they haven’t and taxed it themselves… don’t  know how they’ve done it cause I’ve got my exemption certificate so maybe they have an agreement with the DVLA

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    Can I move the road tax exemption to the second car if I get one?

    Currently got golf GTD from motability. I’m looking at an old Subaru Impreza WRX as a weekend car but the road tax is £500 so can I move the exemption to WRX and pay the Golf road tax £145




    Thanks again

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    Qwe2 I phoned motability and said I wanted to be responsible for my own road tax as my exemption certificate was being used on another vehicle.

    Although as I said before, they taxed my last car as disabled before I collected it and this month they’ve again taxed it without sending it to me?

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    Darn it, wish I knew about this. Just assumed that the Motability car had to be the tax exempt one.

    Anybody know if you can swap it over mid lease? I’ve just paid 12 months road tax on my private car so wouldn’t be able to so it until next January at the earliest. By then my current Motability lease would have another 19 months to run.

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    You can can change the tax class to another vehicle at anytime    but you’ll need a new entitlement number to register another vehicle as disabled.

    info here.

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    i forgot about that because i don’t get the certificate in anymore

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    I owned a car which had disabled tax exempt status which I kept for another 6 months after I got my Motability car which they taxed, no problems.

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    Hello do you not find that your vehicle insurance cost is a lot more when you put disabled use on it ? In one hand then taken in the other 🙁

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    Hi Chris

    I never found that myself when I left Motability for a year in 2017 >18 but it is hard to tell if there increasing the premium because your disabled but if they do I would think they would be breaking the disability laws.

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    You can use the exemption on a second car if one is an EV as they’re exempt.

    You can also choose to pay the road tax on your motability car if it means saving money on the car you own.

    For example I keep the exemption on my Grand Voyager as its £450 a year as my MG ZS EV is exempt and its all worked perfectly no bother.

    And before anyone has a go at me the GV is for when we need 7 seats or to tow a caravan it doesn’t mean I’m rich thx

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