Placed my first order..

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    Hi all,

    Placed an order yesterday for my first ever motability car. How long does it usually take them to approve and accept someone onto the scheme? Dealer said it’s usually quick but has been taking longer since new members like me have been allowed to join. Any other new applicants on here have any insight at all?

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    It should take a day or two for your application to be approved. The dealer should call you to say that your application has been successful.

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    Don’t keep me in suspense

    What did you order

    If you don’t mind me asking

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    Hi File28,

    Peugeot 5008 GT Line Premium. I currently have the old SUV version of t(e same car on a 66 plate so using that to pay for the AP and an extra that was already in the car which I did a deal on.

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    nice choice and a good spec

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    It is and my last 2 cars have been Peugeot across the last 12 years. I know some people have a thing against them re reliability but I’ve only had one issue and that was fixed foc so ca t complain. Went for the 1.5 diesel as both those last 2 have been diesel and despite reviews a 1.2 in such a big car seems a little underpowered. Also the car I’m getting is the one I drove so it’s from stock which’s cut the wait time once I’m approved.

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    The Peugeot diesel lump is still one of the best on the market, it’s just a variation of the same engine that’s been around for decades, I’ve had dozens of them and never had a problem.

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    Did you test drive the Pug with trade plates or is it already registered for the road ?

    It should take 7 days to get an answer.

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    Menorca Mike

    Vinalspin I was told they have electrical problems that’s what’s pit me off I’m glad you have had no problems will take a look I know the auto box is shared with bmw so should be very smooth

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    Yeah, test drove on trade plates. They had the car there and I think may have been ordered in by a customer who maybe backed out as it had the front camera added or they’d got as a demo car which hadn’t been used as I put more miles on (17) than it had already!

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    Hey well done. I only ask as i test drove a Skoda, it had less than 200 miles on the clock but it had been registered for the road and MB  would not allow me to have it . I had to wait 4 months !

    I hope you enjoy your new car and more importantly get the chance to use it during these difficult times.

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    Hi I placed my first order on 2nd July

    still half way on tracker and a new customer so thinking mite take longer

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    Is that the 7 seater?

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    Hi Georgie,

    Yes it is as we have 4 kids. Eldest one is off to uni in September but as she hasn’t passed her test yet due to the shutdown we decided we’d still go for it. Plus it stops our other 3 fighting if ones in the 3rd row lol. I Basically I’m just upgrading to the new version of the car I have. I personally don’t think there’s a better 7 seat option out there and independent reviews seem to beat that out.

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    How much is you current car worth being on a 66 plate seems like it could be worth more than the Ap surely and a bad trade if that’s the case, hope i’m wrong on that, but i know car dealers. I used to have 3 kids all 5 years apart so know what they like them fighting all The time.

    It will take a min of 7 days before you in the car i would think. but it does dright now also depend on how long it takes for your application to be processed and for you to recieve the pin threw the post.

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    Hi Mike, I did read some stories about electrical gremlins on the early production runs but those seem to have been ironed out, I guess it’s the same with any new car and teething troubles, My Alhambra had been around for 7 years when I got it new in “17” and I had no end of problems with it (mechanical as well as electrical).

    This is my 4th Peugeot/Citroen diesel on the scheme and bar a crap battery from Bosch fitted @ the factory I’ve never had an issue with any of them, plenty of poke and always 50+ mpg.

    One thing I will say about the 5008 tho is it’s slightly lower on headroom than the 3008, especially in the (huge) boot. It does drive lovely tho. 😊

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    Hi Rox,

    Yes my car is worth more than the AP and I’m getting the rest back as cash so don’t worry I haven’t been fleeced. Got a decent price for my current car, within the ranges given by independent online values and good ol’ “we buy” and also negotiated over the factory fitted extra. I’m happy and expect they are too

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    Hi Rox, Yes my car is worth more than the AP and I’m getting the rest back as cash so don’t worry I haven’t been fleeced. Got a decent price for my current car, within the ranges given by independent online values and good ol’ “we buy” and also negotiated over the factory fitted extra. I’m happy and expect they are too

    Cool just thought it was worth pointing out. H8 anyone to get fleeced. Especailly those with a family like myself.

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    with on ball dealerships and everything running perfect an in stock car(on site) can take as little as 4 days but 7 to 10 is the norm however with showrooms and motability etc just reopening we as yet are not back to norm.  for new applications add to that the high numbers all ordering since the 1st and having to get confirmation of entitlement from a over run DWP there is a possible delay. a statement from Motability.

    Due to high volumes of new to Scheme submissions, applications that require an allowance check are currently likely to be delayed by up to ten working days.

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    JS, don’t all new applications “require an allowance check”? Assumed that would be the case for anyone joining

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    JS, don’t all new applications “require an allowance check”? Assumed that would be the case for anyone joining

    i guess some may already have an entitlement letter that the dealership will photocopy, that speeds up the process slightly, motability are on what they call a “digital Journey” your dealer should of signed you up to the latest one as it launched last week, if they took your email address keep an eye out for one from Motability giving you more information and inviting you to join their digital journey and activate your online account.. dont forget to check your spam folder too, basically it’s a newer version of the online application tracker. once signed up it allows you to access.

    application submission date, lease period and dealership contact information
    personal details
    payment breakdown
    vehicle details and adaptation information
    named drivers
    when the application has passed the eligibility checks, you’ll also be able to retrieve your  PIN and download your Contract Hire Agreement and Insurance Statement of Fact documents.

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    Yes I’ve had one of those and created my account and I also took my entitlement letter with me which they copied so hopefully that will speed things up a little. Like it as soon as, who wouldn’t, but I am in a fortunate position that I have a perfectly good car at present which won’t conk out any time soon!

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    Hi we looked at the 5008 and loved it. It had everything we needed and more, it drove really well, but the passenger seat rake adjustment was too far back and could not be adjusted to get the backrest more upright, which we need to help with back and hip problems. Salesman tells us it must be faulty, and if we ordered one it would not arrive like that. We were just about to sign on the dotted line and had a question about the interior so tried the car in the showroom. The seat was exactly the same. The moral of the story is don’t believe everything the salesman says and always try at least two different models in the range.

    I hope you like your 5008, we would have loved one.

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    I have a hip problem which is why I get PIP but didn’t try passenger seat, I won’t be sat in that one too often. I’m an old cynic so with any sales pitch I assume they’re lying and work backwards from there so absolutely, always try things for yourself. I hope you find the right car for you.

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    After the great Tiguan fiasco where I had to wait and place a new order July 1st   My dealer put my order into Motability last Thursday, just checked online and the application has passed the checks and been accepted already 🙂

    So hopefully won’t be car-less and housebound for too much longer!

    There's room for all God's creatures, right next to the mash and gravy 🙂

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