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    Hi Good Morning Everyone.

    We are due to change our current vehicle next week ( 26th onwards)

    When we picked up our current car we notified the dealer beforehand and he had our plates assigned to the new car, the car we were returning already had the plates the DVLA assigned on it when we picked that up so it was just a matter of taking ours off and putting those back on .

    However we have only ever had our plates  on this car , can anyone advise what’s best to do please, I know we need to put ours on retention first but how then do we get new plates made up as I think you need the logbook etc .

    Would it be possible to call and  retain the plates a day or two prior to picking up the new car as you have a 3 day window to remove them that way we wouldn’t have to get new plates made up .

    I don’t want to hold up the handover of our new car , I was given an early termination of our current car due to my needs changing dramatically so this orders only been done last week hence the short window here .

    Many Thanks

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    Hello there. There is an other thread on this topic that you may find useful. Here is the link.

    However, you should get in touch with customer service and let them know.

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    Due to current things I’d give it longer than 2 days to do the whole process when my dad had an accident in hes motability car last year it took 3 weeks to get he’s number plate sorted properly as it was the first registration on the car.

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    Thanks Joss .

    Jamie ,  when I ordered my current car the dealer said to put my plate on retention a week before handover so he could assign it to our new car , When I called Motability to arrange it the guy on the phone said they can do  it there and then over the phone, which he did ,we then had a 3 day window to take our plates off our old car and put the one the DVLA had assigned to it when we originally picked it up back on .

    He said they may allocate us the registration the car came with ( which they did ) in which case just to put the plates we had back on if we still had them which we did , this car we have now has only ever  had our plates on so we have no other plates to put on , I have called several shops that make up plates and all said we need the logbook to buy them .

    That’s why I was asking if anyone knows if it’s possible to retain my plates in the 3 days before I pick up my new car so I can still drive to the handover with them on and so preventing me having to obtain new plates , then once I’ve completed the handover call Motability a day or two later and assign them to the new car .

    I was just asking as I wasnt sure if there would be issues with the handover in doing this , I guess I will have to call Motability and see what there advice is .

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    If you still have time you can get a copy logbook here

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