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      Generally speaking how long does the Ohme box take to connect? I don’t have the car yet but the charger is all set up and ready to go. It’s just that every time I press it I get the wee spinning thingie which seems to go on endlessly.

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        Try reinstalling the app

        Try power cycling by turning the breaker off powering the charger and wait 12hrs before turning it back on.


          Wow!  12 hours?

          The app isn’t set up yet so it won’t be that.  I got it to connect when it was installed by recycling the power but I haven’t tried it for a few weeks till now.

          Wondering if this is likely to be an ongoing issue?


            Whats your mobile signal strength like?

            I haven’t had any issues with mine, one message in ten months saying something along the lines of poor signal.

            I use my charger as a dumb charger and let the car do the controlling.

            VW ID3 Max is my DD


              My Ohme A/C links to the Octopus Intelligent Go so it sets automatically to the cheap night time tariff. Just need to confirm on iphone when plugging in. Didn’t find it too difficult setting up when I got my car.

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