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    Stephanie O\’Donnell


    I just had a phone call from my local Mercedes garage to let me know that they had confirmation this morning that the new GLA will be added to the scheme for Q4.

    I’ve ordered an XC40 as I was unsure whether it would join the scheme. A little bit of me wishes I’d waited but hey ho!

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    that’s good news for all the gla lovers, personally I prefer the xc40 but if you really want the gla just cancel your order no? The xc40 is a very popular car yours will end up being sold straight away, you don’t need to accept anything until you enter the pin

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    How does a local dealership know what’s coming on the scheme when Motability doesn’t even know yet?

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    72 dudes

    Also would seem to suggest that, if true, Motability have finally done away with the whole ‘base model must be under £30k’ rule.

    Surely this would have warranted an announcement or an addition to the website?

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    There always seems to be anomaly’s with the £30k rule, the ford galaxy starts at over £32k for the base model.

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    Vinalspin, around this time just before the new Q, some motability salesmen and their manager go with someone higher up of their car brand to a meeting with motability (probably done on zoom now lol) anyway and they agree on the prices, I know this because I have a friend that used to work at seat, of course this could be different for each car brand who knows) but eg 1.5 years ago my family got an ateca, we knew the prices were gonna go up so we ordered before it did

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    “How does a local dealership know what’s coming on the scheme when Motability doesn’t even know yet?”


    I was talking to a rep in Mercedes last week and I asked him will he know if the GLA has plans to come back on, and he said ‘i’ll find out 1st of October just like you would online’


    Then took a Q2 out, but it didn’t really suit us, so I asked the Audi rep if he thinks there’s a chance the Q3 would be reintroduced and he said ‘I’d like to think so, so what I can do is contact you a few days before the 1st of Oct, as I get to see whats coming on to the list’

    I guess it depends on your position in the dealership, if you get to see the new list early or not!?

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    John Newton

    If the GLA does come on at a sensible price it will give me a dilemma on whether to cancel my B200 or not , And even if it is a sensible price if the lead time is too long then I will just go ahead with my current order

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    The rep said “If the GLA came on, the lead time would likely be Dec-Jan”

    When I asked the Audi rep on Q3 he said “if Q3 came on to the scheme, depending on what colour/spec you wanted, you could probably get one straight away, there are plenty stocked” make that as you will

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    I had a Q3 as my first ever MB car it was the 2 litre quattro sline and the best car i have ever owned. Fingers crossed for the good old days returning.

    KIA Soul EV First Edition
    Scale modeller in my spare time

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    Lord Muc

    Absolutely loved my old Q3, wish I had specced up on it, and gone for the black edition at the time, instead of the x1. But fancied a change. Looks fantastic in it’s new version.

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    Lord Muc, the rep let us sit in the new Q3, and its very nice, I had a Rline Tiggy last time, and it looks very similar inside. Very classy

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    Would think GLA will be priced along lines of CLA around £3750 for top spec .

    Thats £1400 more than B200 premium plus which I think is great value if you can get one,

    as they have same dimensions and almost identical interiors, just GLA Is jacked up 5cm higher.


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    Which Mobility Car

    No prices as yet but the GLA’s to be added on 1st October are all Automatics.

    GLA 180 in all trims: Sport, Sport Executive, AMG Line, AMG Line Executive, AMG Line Premium and AMG Line Premium Plus.

    GLA 200 only in Sport trim.



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    Nice! Any news on the GLB WMC?

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    Which Mobility Car

    Nice! Any news on the GLB WMC?

    Nothing. Don’t think it’s going to make it on sadly.

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    Damn, thanks for the update anyway! 🤝

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    Thanks for the info.

    Glad I didn’t wait to see price of GLA200 if it’s only available in basic sport trim.


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    Makes the B200 Amg premium plus look even better value now

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    John Newton

    @Andrew I agree I’ll stick with the B200

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    Bit sad that the glb isn’t coming on, oh well

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    Just had confirmed like stated above  that

    New GLA models available in Q4:
    GLA 180 Sport Auto
    GLA 180 Sport Executive Auto
    GLA 180 AMG Line Auto
    GLA 180 AMG Line Executive Auto
    GLA 180 AMG Line Premium Auto
    GLA 180 AMG Line Premium Plus Auto
    GLA 200 Sport Auto


    Will 100% be on Q4

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    Cheers Ree

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    Was hoping for gla 200 in better trims or maybe a 4 wheel drive but suppose at least there on here now

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    No prices Ree?

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    I’m still hopeful for the GLB to come on soon. The difference between them is only £1500 like for like and your getting a lot more car with the GLB in my opinion. Much more practical for those that need the space.

    GLA is still a very nice car though.

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