New car! :-)

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    Hi, peeps!

    We collected the Puma this morning.

    It’s very blue.

    Everything went well.  It had 1/4 tank on petrol in it and 18 miles on the clock when we picked it up.  Now it has over 100 miles on the clock and a full tank, after being driven from Cosham (Hendy Fordstore, Southampton Road, Cosham – A1 treatment ‘from soup to nuts’) to Farnham and then back down to Hayling Island (where we put in £50 worth.  I have never put £50 worth of fuel in any of my cars until today!  Thanks, Vlad.) and then up the A3 again, plus a potter around Bordon-Whitehill to see how it does with hill starts, etc.

    Very blue.

    Having three cylinders it makes a dry, purring sound (like a happy cat) when it accelerates, and it’s going to take a few drives to get used to the KERS (this being how it gets it’s “hybrid MHEV” rating).  It also has a cute little face.

    Really very blue.

    So, tired but very happy with it so far.  Comfy seats, and the carbon fibre style trim around the dash matches my walking stick, so how Classy is that. 🙂

    Did I mention that it’s blue?


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    Congrats Georgie glad it all worked out, well done 🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦🙂

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    John Newton

    Sorry but did you say blue? I do like those Puma’s though what’s the infotainment like out of interest.

    Current car Mercedes B200 AMG premium plus without anything removed

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    Happy new car day…. did you say it’s blue:-)

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    Have a happy time in the new steed, Georgie. What colour is it, by the way..?

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    Oh, it’s blue, Tharg.  Did I forget to say?

    Sooo . . . I tried to drive it this morning and had completely forgotten how to pull away using a manual handbrake.  Six years driving cars with a manual handbrake, fine.  Three years with an electronic handbrake, fine.  Test driving the Puma, fine.  Yesterday, fine.

    Today – nope.

    Total brain fry.  In-put overload.  A bit scary, to be honest.  I hadn’t realised just how mentally exhausted yesterday has left me.

    So I’m just blobbing out today, watching telly and reading.

    No worries.  😉

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    Hope your “blobbing” day has made it better, Georgie. Is that mysterious lever thingey on the proper side for a RHD? On the Mini they didn’t bother moving it from the left-hooker position. Damn annoying having to reach round/over stuff to work it.

    In conclusion… snaps, please. It’s stopped raining, could be quite bright, so no excuse for not popping off a few photos! 📷

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    That mysterious lever thingey is, indeed, on the correct side in the Puma.  Unlike in the Volvo V40 I took for a test drive prior to getting the Golf.  As soon as I told the rep. I was finding the handbrake really awkward he knew he’d lost the sale.  No great loss – the paintwork was pretty thin imho, and the interior trim looked a bit drab.

    I will be taking piccies and will present them just as soon as DH has recovered enough to do all the necessary techie stuff.  At the moment he’s enjoying a well-earned glass of Stella.

    It now looks even bluer. 😀


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    @Georgie remind me of the colour again and has he cleaned it yet 🙂

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    The most stylish, but most dodgy-to-use lever thingey I’ve had was in an XJS. Beautifully made and fully chromed it resided between the driver’s seat and the driver’s door. Tricky to remember at first and not grope around in centre console. Most difficult thing was that it was always parallel to floor whether it was on or off. Pull to engage and it drops to floor afterwards. Similarly for release of brake. Thus, very hard to remember whether parking brake is on or off. More than once, embarrassingly at traffic lights, tried to pull away with brake on. Now, 3.6L of straight-six puts a lot of power into rear wheels. Said power is transformed into lots of noise and clouds of smoke with brake applied to wheels at same time!

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    It’s in ‘Desert Island’ blue, kezo, and fear not – DH spent an hour yesterday cleaning off all the spray-on wax inflicted by the Dealer, cleaning it back to basics and then waxing it again properly with carnauba wax, using the dinkiest little yellow sponge.  There was also some glue residue on one of the headlights from a peeled-off sticker, but a quick squirt and rub with label remover sorted that.  It is now sparkling in the sunshine (not just from the frost), and I swear it’s a shade or two deeper, too.

    Tharg – I have named it Little Blue for convoluted reasons involving a) it’s only a small SUV; b) it’s blue; and c) as soon as I saw it the theme from a children’s TV show my younger brother watched came into my head:

    Re. the handbrake on the XJS – When you finally did release the brake I bet that thing went off like a rocket! 😮

    DH has mentioned in the past that he’s driven cars in the States where the handbrake/parking brake lever is on the steering wheel (Tesla seem to have adopted that style for some reason), and once (many moons ago) on the dash board.   Those were almost certainly automatics, but even so – confusing much?

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    Little Blue video – utterly wonderful. Will now go to find a full episode. Have got to find out more.

    You’re right about the XJS. The LSD decided it was on a track and the push in the back was a bit like a horizontal ejector seat.

    Old Brit cars, like (I think) Austin A70s and the like used to have the handbrake hidden way underneath the dash and had to be pulled out towards the driver. Think Merc’s used to do this in ages past.

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    More handbrake stuff. Came across these snaps. First, the XJS is-it-0n-or-is-it-off number:

    Second, is that an umbrella stuffed in under the dash, outboard of the wheel? Nope… handbrake on a Morris Six from 1950. Think the bench seat meant it had to go there on account of there being no centre console.

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    Mike Cooper

    Hey Georgie

    Glad your enjoying little blue at long last.I find the vignale perfect for my needs and hope the same applies to you.The only thing I found a little difficult to get used to is scrolling through the different screens,trip computer,hybrid gauge etc.Put it on here if you have any problems and I can put you straight (hopefully!).

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    Thanks for the offer, Mike.

    Have you found the downloadable ‘Owners manual’ as helpful as I have?


    By the way, does your car have ‘Sports mode’ option?  All the reviewers I read/watched loved driving the Puma in Sports mode, which supposedly tightens up the steering and makes the accelerator more responsive.  Mines doesn’t have it.  I’m betting it was removed from the ‘lesser models’ when the Puma ST came out, but nobody mentioned it.  I’m a bit peeved about that.

    Not just to Mike, but for anyone who might be interested/really bored/easily entertained . . .

    There are many new things to get used to, of course:

    Having only driven ‘sporty’ (albeit psudo-sporty) cars so far (2 x Astra GTC and 1 x Golf TSi GT) the higher ‘sitting upright’ driving position means the muscles in my back and legs are being worked in new ways and the steering wheel feels oddly high.  I’m going to try lowering it by half and inch, as long as it doesn’t block the instrument panel or make it harder to get in and out of the car.  Won’t know until I try.

    Key-less entry is making me paranoid and I’m still not 100% sure about it.  I don’t have trouser pockets so the key lives in my handbag, which I usually leave in the car while I’m refuelling, with the doors shut.  Now I worry the car will lock itself with the key inside.  But if I take my bag with me when I get out then I have to leave it on the ground on on the pump while I fuel up (not safe), or I have to take the key out of my bag and hold onto it in my hand while I refuel, which is a lot of faffing about.

    DH’s brilliant suggestion – wear trousers with pockets.  Women, pfuh!

    And Oh, Lordy Lordy!  The ‘helpful’ messages are annoying.  I mean, ‘Seatbelt reminder’ – I don’t need a little picture on the screen to let me know I’ve successfully put on my seatbelt – one that stays on the screen for a whole minute after I pull away unless I click the OK button to cancel it.  Tried to turn it off but can’t.  According to the Owners manual “We recommend that you contact an authorised dealer.”  Or a screen that alerts me to a possible back seat intruder just because I just chucked my cardie on the back seat.  Did manage to turn that off.  In fact DH and I spent many frustrating sessions turning off all the unnecessary crap, otherwise I’ll get so ‘click to cancel’ happy that I’ll miss a message that might actually be important, such as ‘Flat battery’ or ‘The engine is on fire’.

    But that’s enough of my waffle for now.

    I’ve complained in the past that my Golf was efficient and mechanically great, but lacked soul.  Well this car has it in spades. 😀

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    Mike Cooper

    Yep Georgie I have had the pleasure of looking at the marvellous owners manual lol.I tend to look on YouTube if I’m trying to sort out anything though,so no worries.I do indeed have the sports mode available but both myself and the wife find no discernible difference in performance and handling from eco or normal mode so your not missing much imo.It does have its slightly demented quirks like the collision warning red symbol appearing for no fathomable reason,which is quite comical really when there’s no other car or obstacle in sight!



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    Know what you mean about “helpful” messages. The T-roc likes to remind me that by turning off the stop/start function I will single-handedly be responsible for the death of the planet. Same for running the engine for about a minute before driving off. Regardless of the fact that I have to do this to give it time to check all its apps ‘n’ stuff to give me other messages which I don’t want to receive when driving.

    I avoid the collision warning alerts by turning off the damn thing before moving. Similarly the lane-following thingey is switched off. Only takes a minute or so to switch all this stuff off but feels like an age.

    The Mini was even worse. It had this bossy bird who would regularly tell me about “infotainment” and comm’s things which either were, or were not, working.  Most of the messages involved something like an aux/bluetooth dongle functionality not being an RS232 with tune2air retrofit. Couldn’t understand a word. Tried to turn it off once and somehow called an emergency helpline chappie who seemed convinced I’d driven into a ditch or something and needed emergency services to get me out.

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    Know what you mean about “helpful” messages

    Have a read of this thread

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    Thanks @kezo Saw that thread just after I posted my piece here. Will put some stuff on it if I can avoid repeating meself.

    Meanwhile, @Georgie Photos?

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    The ‘collision warning’ (or, as I called it, the ‘Exploding clown car’) symbol and I were old friends in the Golf.  Triggered by bridges, 90 degree bends in country roads, and cars on the other side of the road perfectly safely over-taking another car about half a mile ahead.  However, not triggered by the car directly in front of me that suddenly decided it wanted to turn right.  I had to prevent that collision all by myself.  Just as drivers have been doing for the last 100 years . . .  😀

    Turns out my car does have the ‘Sport mode’ after all.  Played with it yesterday on the way down to Hayling Island and it ‘does take the elephant off the bonnet’ acceleration-wise.  I’ll probably drive in ‘Normal’ most of the time and keep Sport for special occasions – such as the A272 east-bound.

    Tharg – the piccies are taken.  I’m just waiting on his nibs taking them off the ‘phone, do the important ‘removal of personal details’ stuff, and showing me how to add them to the message.


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    Thanks, Georgie. Look forward to snaps. And, ah, the A272 makes its mystic presence felt again. Will be heading that way in a week or so to try to immerse dog in exercise pool. Make have to wait until more trauma-free journey before going full Sport mode on said legendary route.

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    Hi, guys!

    Brace yourselves – Here is a not-terribly-exciting picture of Little Blue.  😀


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    Hi, guys! Brace yourselves – Here is a not-terribly-exciting picture of Little Blue. 😀

    Lovely colour blue Georgie. It matches my eyes 🙂

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    Was going to take some on the road but the wee kiddies were playing football (it’s a cul-de-sac), so drove over to the pub car park.

    I never imagined it would be such hard work transferring a photo from the ‘phone to the Forum, but Jeeez!  DH trying to get Windows to talk to Android, Microsoft insisting that he register my ‘phone with them (Why? So they can share my info!  Not going to happen.).  In the end I think he used Bluetooth.  Whatever that is.  Daft!

    And you’ll get far better pictures on the Ford website anyway.  🙂

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    And you’ll get far better pictures on the Ford website anyway.

    Maybe but we wouldn’t have seen dh’s hard work making it gleam 🙂

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    True dat.

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