New car! :-)

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    Hi, peeps!

    We collected the Puma this morning.

    It’s very blue.

    Everything went well.  It had 1/4 tank on petrol in it and 18 miles on the clock when we picked it up.  Now it has over 100 miles on the clock and a full tank, after being driven from Cosham (Hendy Fordstore, Southampton Road, Cosham – A1 treatment ‘from soup to nuts’) to Farnham and then back down to Hayling Island (where we put in £50 worth.  I have never put £50 worth of fuel in any of my cars until today!  Thanks, Vlad.) and then up the A3 again, plus a potter around Bordon-Whitehill to see how it does with hill starts, etc.

    Very blue.

    Having three cylinders it makes a dry, purring sound (like a happy cat) when it accelerates, and it’s going to take a few drives to get used to the KERS (this being how it gets it’s “hybrid MHEV” rating).  It also has a cute little face.

    Really very blue.

    So, tired but very happy with it so far.  Comfy seats, and the carbon fibre style trim around the dash matches my walking stick, so how Classy is that. 🙂

    Did I mention that it’s blue?


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    Shiny! 😎

    Oh, and… blue. 🔵

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    Have fun on the A272, Tharg.  Just watch out for the surprise! traffic lights at the bridge across the Rother!  (And, by the way, here’s how you suck eggs . . . )  🙂

    If you’re taking Tilly(?) to the Canine Fitness Centre just beyond Petersfield you’ll also get the ‘Bonus Fun Level’ of going up Stoners Hill (a.k.a. Little Switzerland), too.

    It’s not in the same league as many of the road you get in Scotland, but it’s local(ish) and we’re proud of it.  It’s also very pretty in the Summer.



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