Mercedes CLA 180 Premium Plus or Tiguan Rline 2.0 TDI DSG

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    Hello, i am undecided on what to order, could anyone help sway my decision on which one of these i should order?

    I understand they are 2 completely different cars, ones and SUV and the other a coupe. Both look nice, with Mercedes probably a bit more prestigious and a better-looking interior, the Tiguan has adaptive cruise, lane assist and a diesel engine.

    The Mercedes is 1.3 petrol but figures show it can achieve 55mpg, sales rep claimed he achieved this on a motorway run. I currently have a 2015 3 series BMW diesel, which is really good on economy, especially when i hit the motorway.

    I can get £500 AP off from my local Merc dealer and £250 AP off the Tiguan.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    be prepared for a wait for the merc as i ordered nov 1st and told now might get it march

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    20 Week wait time on the Tiguan. Mercedes said March for the CLA. Suppose it will be better to wait till March so you get the new 20 reg. I don’t mind the wait tbh.

    I am concerned during the wait time something better might pop up though. Like 3 Series or a Lamborghini Aventador.

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    I’ve got the CLA 180 premium plus and was nervous regarding power but have had NO issues at all, normally get 40+ mpg and have achieved 62 mpg on a 450 mile trip so really good for a petrol. Nearly 5000 miles covered now!

    I test drove the Tiguan and although I like it I wasn’t keen on the chrome trims and the 20’s and sports suspension seemed a little harsh, apologies to those who have one but this is just my opinion

    Ive had loads of great comments about the cla, styling, tech, etc…

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    I think if I could take the interior from the CLA Premium Plus into the car that is the Tiguan  R Line Tech I would be a very happy man indeed 🤣

    I love lights and ambient lighting in the new Mercs is amazing

    I’d probably end up sleeping in it lol

    2 totally different motors , and let’s face it not a bad choice to have to make 🙌🏻

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    VW said if i wanted the Onyx White then i can pay the difference from the metallic cost. The other options i want are the ‘Dynaudio Excite’ soundpack and maybe the silver runners or step runners. I forgot what they are listed as, but the silver running bar that you can step on to get into the vehicle. I am aware they get fitted at the dealer so i can always put them on after delivery.


    is it worth paying the extra for the Onyx white paint or is the white ok?

    The Mercedes CLA has a Digital white option, which is sort of a shiny white with a hint of grey colour, ive been told.

    James, so the ride on the CLA is comfortable? How is the cabin noise? I cannot find any CLA’s to look at local let alone test drive.

    Winston, i have booked a test drive on the Tiguan, have sat in the showroom vehicle, which is black. Looks nice, the height seems ok too. Driving in a higher seating position always seems better and i feel almost authoritative. Strange, i know.

    The Mercedes doesn’t have an electric boot so i will have to pull it shut, like a peasant.

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    2 good cars mate, but 2 really different ones

    taking any disabilities out the equation I think you get a lot more bang for your buck in the Tiguan, then you include the higher driving position , view of the road, boot size and interior space, practicality of it being a hatchback that yeah opens and closes via your remote – and like you say it does give you that extra confidence being higher up and in a more commanding vehicle

    I’m not knocking the CLA in any way, I think it’s a very attractive car and a real head turner , especially at night! And  on the premium plus pack adds lots of useful and good kit – if you have no issues getting into a coupe it has to be up there 🙌🏻

    any options and are they worth it is always down to the individual and their budget

    the standard white is lovely, it’s not a cheap looking white one bit! but if you can afford it the Oryx white is also very nice , a little different from most of the white Tiguans you’ll no doubt pass on your travels

    perosnally I prefer a diesel and the looks of the Tiguan , I don’t do mega miles but I do enjoy a road trip when the weather is better and I’m physically able

    you’re correct about the running boards they are fitted at the dealership, there is some cutting to do on the floor of the car to install them so it depends on how handy and able u are lol

    i like the look they add to the car , but I think that’s all the really add , maybe if u have kids they could help a bit

    again 2 great cars and very different cars , we all have our preference

    no one will knock you whatever you decide


    we’ll apart from Princess Elliot.. but he doesn’t count 🤣

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    I actually like the CLA Winston.

    It’s a pity the 220 isn’t on the scheme.

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    Lord Muc

    Winston, what’s the ambient lighting like in the tig, the cla is a cracker of a car.

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    The ambient lighting in the Tig plain boring white, whilst it’s a nice wee touch its def  night and day compared to the ambient lighting in the new Mercs

    I really do love their ambient lighting , but not enough to switch cars over lol

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    Winston, using the ACC and Lane assist, does the Tiguan practically drive itself on the motorway?


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    I guess in theory it can lol, but it’s no Tesla, so don’t think you’ll be doing a crossword or knitting a jumper on a long journey 😂

    there’ll be some better qualified people on here to give you their opinions on ACC, but I used it on my journey back from Hull To Bonnie Scotland and it worked a treat , good to be able to give your legs and ankles a wee stretch now n again 🙌🏻
    as does the lane assist

    When it’s active you can take your hands completely off the wheel and it should gently nudge you back into lane should you start veering off course , after so long it will warn you to put your hands back onto the wheel – you just need to touch it and then start all over again

    not that I’m suggesting anyone do this , but it’s interesting to try on a quiet road etc

    if you’re in one lane and move to another without indicating you’ll feel resistance in the steering wheel, you can apply a little more force and override it

    good safety feature incase something happened behind the wheel

    but back to the ACC I read people raving about it who obviously do a lot more miles than me mate

    so yeah I think both systems are a winner

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    Cabin noise is good on the cla, occasionally you get a bit of wind noise on the windscreen but only noticeable if there’s no radio on

    When we ordered the cla there was a polar white cla next to a diamond white a class and it was a nice sunny day and I thought the diamond white looked a bit creamy yellow almost like the clear coat needed polishing, it would probably look different on its own but next to a solid white car I wasn’t keen.

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    I would have the Tiguan all day long. Yes the Merc may look fancier inside and i was considering the new B class but the Tiguan is an overall better car i think. Had mine 2 years now and its top of the list again for renewal this year if it stays as is with the current AP. The ACC does indeed steer itself at speeds over 40mph it aslo has traffic jam assist which will bring itself to a full stop and drive itself in traffic all you do is steer. Once i enter a motorway my feet never go anywhere near the pedals until i exit everything is controlled from the buttons on the wheel. It will complain after 20 sec or so if you take your hands off the wheel fully but i found just holding the bottom with one finger is enough to satisfy the car your holding the wheel and it will happily steer you along with no bother at all. The seats are like arm chairs as far as comfort goes its silent when cruising and i average around 54mpg at a steady 70ish on the Mway. Power is always on tap if you want it even from the 150bhp i have which was a major concern of mine going for the little 1.3 in the Merc even though the figures state 163bhp for the B200 but then again i would much prefer the torque from a diesel anyway.

    Tiguan SEL Auto in Tungsten Silver
    Metal Detectorist in my spare time

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    Winston, is your Tig the standard white or Or Oryx white?



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    It’s Oryx White mate

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    this might shock you but i found the merc was easier to get in and out and i have lumbar spinal issue  thats why went for it

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    Merc hear choice stunning interior, tiguan perfect choice with all the aids first car I get out of after a 200 mile round trip not tired

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    Any added extras you guys would recommend on the Tiguan?

    I thought Dyn Audio, Maybe Oryx White and possibly the side runners?

    The side runners are expensive, i remember they said 600 but now there is “No Price information available” on all accessories.

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    I went for the oryx white along with emergency assist pack. I did consider the side runners but when I test drove the car they felt alien to me. But they do make the car look better our lovely Winston has all on the above on his and it looks amazing 😉 I do wish I had also added rear heated seats, tyre pressure monitor and a heated steering wheel but it was too late once I thought about it.

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    I went for Indium Grey with mine (due May). Im getting the R-Line Diesel 2.0LT 150. After test driving a Match and then the R-Line, I opted for the Dynamic Chassis Control, an expensive option but I did find the R-Line ride on the sports suspension a little rough compared to the Match. I also opted for Emergency Assist with Traffic Jam Assist and headlight washers. I love the look of the R-Line over everything else I looked at and there were a lot but like others have said, for the kit and tech and interior space, for me it wins hands down.


    Current car: Skoda Yeti 1.2LT 115Bhp DSG Quartz Grey SE L Drive

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    Hi Mate,


    These were the 2 cars I was looking at getting. In the end went for the Cla premium plus a it was better suited to me. However, I’m not so happy about the way Mercedes handle business. Placed an order in November last year and was told I should get it for March. I rang last week and my dealer is now telling me they are struggling to get a build slot and now looking at around May. Absolutely unbelievable as they dont even have basic details like when they can actually start building the car as well as not even bothering to keep me updated

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    yeah I went for the Oryx white, running boards and dynaudio upgraded speaker system – I don’t freshest any of it and I’m sure u guys won’t when you collect yours 🙌🏻

    2 things you’d might want to do when you collect yours is get your brake  calipers painted , I got mines done red and they cost £40 , stops them getting all rusty and adds a little flash of colour to the car

    and getting your rear windows tinted , this should cost about £170 , the tints on the rear of the car are very light especially with the pano roof

    so I think these 2 things really finish the look of the car off 🙌🏻

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    Clipped wimgs

    Hi Mo,

    new model CLA launched in March


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    Hi Winston

    Would Motability allow one to paint the callipers and add extra tint to the rear windows?



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    i would never call them up to ask them @poetry666 and the dealer ( if they happened to notice ) wouldn’t either

    So absolutely no need to ask in my book

    if someone wanted to wrap the car in Pat Butcher leopard print then yes give them a call but def not for what I’ve done

    this has been done to my last 2 cars , certainly makes the car more attractive to a potential buyer down the line

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