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      I know you get PIP mobilty payments taken off every four weeks to pay the car

      as a new customer I picked my car up on Monday there the 13th

      my pip payment is due to me on 22 nd will I get four weeks payment taken off for car at this date yes

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        Just been paid my pip and had mobility payment when I asked I was told it won’t be taken till next month. It will be 3 weeks in arrears and one week in advance so does that mean I have to pay any extra or will it still be the full amount


          the day you collect your vehicle, your first motablity payment will be due on the date your next PIP payment is normally due. This is why you have been told  3 weeks in arrears and one week in advance, which will be your full allowance and not a penny more 🙂



            Hi abit confused , my pip payment came in 7th novermber and today I was told my car will be in dealers to pick up on Friday 17th November , will they want payment this month as I have already been paid befor the car came in  or will it be taking in December on 7th when am paid my next pip  🙂

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              As far as I am aware, they never ask you for a payment, it all comes directly from the DWP. I can only guess that if you end up “owing” a payment or part payment it’ll be paid by them not releasing the PIP attachment at the end of you final lease

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                Picked the car up in Feb, DWP payment in today and still nothing taken for car payment. Should be at least £800 owing. Is that normal?

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