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    Does anyone know anything about batteries?


    Occasionally I still manage to do kayaking, although I can’t paddle so I use a Bixpy electric motor. During the lockdown, I could not go kayaking so the motor and the battery pack sat in the garage. I went to charge it up and it is completely dead and will not charge. I just did not realise that you had to keep these types of batteries charged like a car battery.

    I tried the supplier of the Bixpy battery and motor and they only sell the complete kits so I tried Bixpy themselves who are based in the USA, and a new battery is $599 dollars. Even If I could afford that they will not ship to the UK so I am stuck.

    I have opened the battery pack up to look at the batteries thinking that I might be able to replace them but it’s not just a battery pack, it has the auto-shutdown function if you get separated from the kayak and the remote control mechanism in there. So there are wires everywhere and it’s beyond me.

    Does anyone know if anything can be done with it please?

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    I would be nervous handing over £500 to that seller. Minimal feedback and no feedback on selling a Bixpy battery. Plus where has he got the batteries from? As far as I know, you have to be an authorised Bixpy agent and the one servicing the UK is in Ireland.

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    I agree with what your saying re Ebay.

    Have you had any of the companies Ive listed regards getting yours refurbished.

    How much would the dealer in Ireland charge for a new one shipped over.

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