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      Got a call today from the dealership asking me to pay the full AP up front, I flatly refused, saying that until I’ve seen the car and making sure all’s fine with it, I won’t be paying a penny. He said they needed the payment as they had to arrange the vehicle tax!!  When i pointed out that as a registered disabled vehicle no road tax was needed.  It wasn’t my normal dealer as he is off today.

      As I’ve never been ask for AP up front I checked with Motability to make sure where I stand, and was told that it is entirely between the dealership and the customer.

      I’ve emailed my normal dealer to contact me when he’s in tomorrow to talk it out, it’s been a really good relationship and don’t won’t it soured by this demand.

      Anyone else refused to pay before seeing their new vehicle?


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        As some of you have said, I’ve now arranged with my normal dealer to inspect the car when it arrives and if all’s good I’ll pay then. The PDI will already have been done at Stallingborough before transporting to the dealership, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Don’t think they are too happy, but tough luck.

        Quite a few years ago I was due to take delivery of a Vauxhall Astra Touring Sport and when I arrived at the dealership the car was completely hidden by a large Vauxhall cover. When I asked to see the car before I signed, I found there were no F&R parking sensors, an old style aerial, different infotainment system and quite a few other bits and pieces either missing or had been changed. Ever since that experience, I have always asked to see the car as soon as it arrives with the dealership.

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          I’ve never paid a penny so far, even on a car with £2900 of extras, but I haven’t had delivery of my latest car yet (September they reckon…).

          I can understand dealers not taking cash, it’s become a nightmare, you have to insure your safe for the amount you keep in it & premiums have skyrocketed recently. On top of that you need someone to count up the cash, fill in forms and deposit the money at the bank, the banks also don’t want your cash and apply fees to you to deposit it. Security then becomes a thing as does health and safety. You can’t have the accounts payable lady tootle off to the bank like we used to at the College with £95,000 in a Tesco carrier bag (day after the open weekend course sign ups, we all had to count cash all morning), now we have to pay Securicor thousands a year to collect it each week, even though in the last 20 years the average weekly cash banked has gone from around £20,000 to about £700 (mostly taken in cash from OAPS using the hair & beauty dept for a “glow up”).

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