Who else is waiting for a decent EV?

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    I am just about to buy a house in the next Street to my old mum so it’s pointless having two cars(she never goes anywhere). I am going to sell my leaf and at the end of my mother’s motability lease get an EV for us both to use. Nothing that isn’t quirky or too expensive available. 🙁

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    I’ve got 2 1/2 years to go on my lease so I won’t be looking until then.

    Maybe then there may be something large enough for those of us that need a larger, higher car to suit our disabilities.

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    Id like them to bring out a sensible estate EV.

    A BMW 3 series would be perfect.  The 330e is a little out of the Motability range….

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    if you havent a wheelchair or scooter to accomodate the best in my opinion at the moment is the bmw i3.

    coming soon could be the mgzs with a bit more space both seem to promise 150+ miles on a charge which would be fine if your mileage is mostly local.

    as ever the more miles you need the less useful fully electric vehicles become and less affordable.

    again an issue is the ability to have a home charger, that could snooker many.

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    They say the date when BEVs will be the same price to manufacture as an ICE car is three years away. It is likely this is when we will see larger EVs on the scheme.

    At this time there are no affordable suv/estate BEVs available, certainly none that would make it onto the scheme.

    It’s obvious the manufacturers need to  actually make these cars before we can get a chance to have them available.

    If you look at any of the larger SUVs on the scheme not one of them is available as a BEV not just on the scheme but in reality.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    For me the time to recharge is important, a 150 mile range is just about acceptable but after the 150 miles does it take 8 hours to fully recharge?

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    the bmw i3 takes 40 minutes to charge to 80% at a rapid charge station 100% takes an hour and 15mins which isnt inconveniant on a long journey i would be wanting a break around then anyway.

    4 hours on standard charge to 100% on your home charger. most people have an overnight cheap rate.

    in my case as the longest journey i normally do is about 60 miles round trip i would only need to charge once a week.

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    Define decent?

    For me, get the Bollinger to the state where it has 300 r/w range and on the scheme and I’ll be one happy happy bunny.

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    Decent? A car that looks like a “normal” car? Same dimensions?

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    I used to do 300+ miles a week which isn’t excessive for some folks I know but for me it was enough, now I doubt I’ll do that a month so I’ve been looking hard at EVs.

    The BMW i3 is a possibility the range would be fine 99 percent of the time but like every one else I  could do with something slightly bigger or to be fair more load space.

    I’ve half way through my lease with my X1 so I’ll be looking with interest to see what or if anything comes on the scheme.

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    MG ZS EV really is a decent car and should be on the scheme. With discount etc the top of the range comes in at approx £24,000 and gives 160 miles of range, more if you drive mostly short journeys, remember unlike petrol/diesel EVs are more efficient on shorter stop start journeys.

    The spec is impressive with lots of tech and kit.

    It should be on the scheme and if it ever makes it on it’s worth considering.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    That’s the problem i need to carry my mine and my wife’s chairs, crutches, sticks etc for all eventualities..

    Plus a bulldog, my wife, me and usually 1 or 2 grandkids then one of my kids driving, I can just about manage it in the tiguan.

    I didn’t want a 7 seater as I’d done that with previous cars and the drive always felt bus like.

    So I wanted an suv that drives like a car.

    Currently there is nothing that would fit the bill for me in EV form.

    As bri says it will take a few years for models to filter down to us? Maybe I timed it perfectly come my renewal quarter.

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    I meant to mention on my above post that if you are looking to buy outside the scheme and live in Scotland ??????? the Scottish government will give you an interest free loan to buy an ev up to £35,000.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe

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    Watched some reviews on the MG and it would seem that MG have lied about the 0-60 time. It is 2 seconds faster than they claimed.?I suppose with maximum power available at 1rpm they can program it to what they want ? or what the transmission can withstand.

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